Octet® Label-free Biomolecular Analysis for Cell Line Development

Measure Biomolecular Interactions in Real Time

The Octet® BLI Label-Free Detection System eliminates issues with detailed characterization of expressed proteins, thanks to optical biosensors that measure molecular interactions in real time (without detection agents) and advanced, fluidics-free direct detection of specific biomolecules. This high-throughput system rapidly determines product titer, screens for specific glycosylation content and performs off-rate analysis to help you select optimal clones using purified and unpurified samples.

The Octet® BLI Label-Free Detection System for CLD offers:

  • High-throughput — Parallel processing of up to 96 samples
  • Accelerated time to results — Protein quantitation in as little as two minutes
  • Quick identification — Rapidly determine product titer and binding kinetics 
  • Save time — Monitor native states label-free and in real time 
  • Crude sample compatibility — Use purified and unpurified samples 
  • Economical — Recover sample plates after non-destructive measurement

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Glycosylation & Titer Determination Kits

Accelerate antibody discovery by combining titer data with sialic acid or mannose statistics for more informed decisions using crude and purified samples.

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Octet® System Features for Cell Line Development

Rapidly Select Top Pools After Gene Cloning

Replace enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with Octet® Label-Free Detection Systems for quantitation of antibodies and recombinant therapeutic proteins. Accurate and fast assays in real time are easy to develop and transfer to quality control (QC) and process development. 

Easily Identify the Highest Performing Clones

Accelerate antibody discovery by combining titer data with sialic acid or mannose statistics for more informed decisions. Our glycosylation kits can screen and quantify proteins in crude and purified samples and reduce preparation time by up to three hours.

Quantify Protein of Interest and Screen Critical Quality Attributes

The Octet® BLI platform is an easy-to use, real-time biologics analytical tool that requires no labeling and enables rapid screening of critical quality attributes earlier in the cell line development workflow. 

Octet® BLI Platform for High-throughput Protein Analysis and Rapid Screening of Critical Quality Attributes

Octet® BLI Platform for High-throughput Protein Analysis and Rapid Screening of Critical Quality Attributes


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Frequently Asked Questions

Fortunately, for this assay you are mostly using diluted samples (about 10-20x), which reduces the impact of any matrix effects. Still, if you would like to assess potential impacts, we recommend performing standard addition studies to quantify.

Yes, you can. For example, you can also use Protein L-based sensors suitable for certain antibody fragments. Additionally, you can quantify certain glycan classes like mannosylated and sialylated species.



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Learn about a screening method featuring the Octet® platform to identify clones with higher concentrations of bispecific antibodies.

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Accelerate process optimization by combining Ambr® 15 cell culture with Octet® titer measurements.

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