CellCelector Single Cell Cloning for Cell Line Development

Empower Cell Line Development with the Leading Cell and Colony Picking & Screening System

The CellCelector single cell and colony picking platform is used for high-throughput single cell cloning, allowing fast generation of clonal production cell lines. Cell lines are produced in one round while providing in-process, image-verified monoclonality proof. With integrated monoclonality and clone viability assessments - combined with high outgrowth rate after clone transfer to 96-/ or 384 well plates - the CellCelector is the leading alternative to limiting dilution or FACS single cell sorting techniques. 

  • Faster CLD workflow
  • Rank and select single cells quickly and efficiently with integrated monoclonality and viability assessments
  • Reduced wait times for traditional growth and productivity measures
  • 100% selective clone recovery without cross-contamination
  • Requires just one plate per cloning experiment, resulting in a significant cost savings on consumables, media and incubator storage space
  • No need for multiple cell pooling steps

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CellCelector Products

Incubator FlowBox

Laminar flow cabinet with efficient control of temperature, humidity and CO2 level for long-term cloning experiments and live cell sorting.

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CellCelector Flex

Nanowell Arrays

Parallel screening and isolation of thousands of cells for accelerating antibody discovery and cell line development.

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Capillaries and Tips

Reusable stainless steel and glass capillaries and disposable plastic tips for CellCelector.

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CellCelector for Cell Line Development Allows You To:

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Single Cell Cloning with Integrated Image-Based Monoclonality Proof

Bright field scanning of seeded wells - followed by the automated identification of all single cell nanowells - provides a robust and documented image-based monoclonality proof.

Accelerated Production of Clonal Cell Lines

Screen thousands of clones in parallel. Automated clone ranking and selection, as well as transfer of selected clones for further expansion in 96 or 384-well plates.

Flexibility and Versatility

Compatible with a wide range of cell lines (CHO, HEK293; NS0, PER.C6, etc.)


Cell Line Development

A Perfect Fit, From Start to Finish Cell line development with intelligent tools, services and solutions for your unique needs.

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Protein Therapeutics | Antibodies

Our unique and innovative solutions for discovery and development of mAb therapies streamline the workflow and increase productivity. Accelerate bioth...

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Application Guide

CellCelector Flex for Antibody Discovery and Production

Fully automated, image-based screening and isolation of clones and single cells for antibody discovery.

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