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The 4Cell® CHO Platform comprises of individual services: Cell Line Development (CLD), Protein Characterization, and Cell Bank Manufacturing and Biosafety Testing. Plus, our new 4Cell® SmartCHO media is designed to support high performing clones generated by CLD.

Superior Performance: Up to 10g/L

Proprietary and superior CHO cell line development technology that ensures a robust and scalable bioprocess with high product yield (up to 10g/L for monoclonal antibodies) and quality.

Impressive Speed: RCB in 9 weeks

From DNA to Research Cell Bank (RCB) in only 9 weeks. No need for time-consuming media and process optimization or scalability studies. Regulatory ready documentation package.

Outstanding Reliability: 240+ projects

More than 240 cell line development projects. Benefit from our know-how and experience and get your cell line right the first time.

Low Financial Risk: Pay as you go

No hidden fees, no cancelation fees, no milestone payments.

Rapidly Generate High-Yielding, Stable Cell Lines

Sartorius offers a complete service with industry-leading technology aimed at the commercial manufacturing of protein therapeutics. Tour our state-of-the-art facility which features special laboratories designed to develop cell lines.


Building the Next Generation of Cell-Line-Development Platforms

Learn how we have significantly reduced CLD timelines by using advanced platform technologies to deliver high-producer clones.

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4Cell® CHO Platform Features

The 4Cell® CHO Platform Bundles Services and Media in a GMP Manufacturing-Ready Solution

The combination of Sartorius’ industry-leading technologies and services into one integrated solution accelerates your program and puts your molecule on the path to success.  

The unique 4Cell® CHO Platform consists of the following Sartorius solutions:

Cell Line Development Service using 4Cell® SmartCHO Media

Sartorius’ CHO Cell Line Development service targets commercial manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Our unparalleled cell line development technology combines 4 key components: Expression vector, host cell line, 4Cell® SmartCHO media, and upstream process design.

Protein Characterization Service

Sartorius’ protein characterization services are scaled to each phase of drug development. These services include development, qualification and validation of product characterization assays, such as cell-based potency assays, binding assays and physicochemical tests.

Cell Bank Manufacturing and Biosafety Testing

​The Sartorius cell banking platform was designed as a closed, sterile, single-use system with automated filling into vials to generate large banks. Plus, Sartorius has extensive experience in characterization of cell banks used in production of biologic drugs for protein-based therapies.

With the freedom to use the CMO of their choice for production, multiple satisfied clients have benefited from Sartorius CLD Service. The service offers exceptional flexibility at a reduced cost and enables clients to overcome typical obstacles that can delay manufacturing a first GMP batch.

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Building the Next Generation of Cell-Line-Development Platforms

Learn how we have significantly reduced CLD timelines by using advanced platform technologies to deliver high-producer clones.

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Outsourcing CLD: Finding the Perfect Partner

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Cell Line Service

How a Single Provider Can Reduce Protein Biologic Development Risk

In this webinar, Sartorius and Sonnet BioTherapeutics discuss the benefits of the Sartorius CHO Platform of integrated products and services.

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Next-Gen CHO Cell Line Development Services

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Power of the Right Cell Line Development Partnership

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Webinar: Expand Your Capabilities with an Enhanced CLD Service Partner

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The Cellca Story Evolution of a Cell Line Development Technology

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Improved Clone Selection with our 4Cell® CHO CLD Platform

Early screening of high-producer clones optimizes cell growth and can achieve up to 10 g/L in 9 weeks.

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Early Identification of High Producers: Sartorius CLD Service Platform

CLD is critical in biopharma, but selecting high-performing clones is time-consuming. In this webinar from Sartorius, Dr. Yash Patel walks throug...

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