Lab Essentials for Cell Line Development

Everyday lab essential products play a critical foundational role in the success of cell line development and are invaluable to lab technicians and scientists. Basic tasks like pipetting, filtration and purification of small volumes can be time-consuming and tedious. Sartorius´ lab essentials help streamline routine tasks and achieve more accurate results by:

  • Increasing reproducibility of your results
  • Avoiding contamination in your processes
  • Increasing safety and reducing fatigue with ergonomic and easy-to-use product

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Mycoplasma Detection

Mycoplasma poses a major threat to mammalian cell cultures. Regular testing for contamination is critical for good cell culture protocols.

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A scientist uses a Sartorius Sartolab® RF | BT Filter System

Cell Culture Clarification

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab performs rapid, one-step clarification and filtration of cell culture media. 

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Protein Concentration / Diafiltration and Purification

Vivaspin® Centrifugal Concentrators and Vivaflow® TFF cassettes cater to a broad range of sample capacities, ensuring the optimal solution to any conc...

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Arium water purification

Arium® Ultrapure Water Systems

Arium® Ultrapure Water Systems produce ASTM Type 1 water, as well as RNase/DNase and endotoxin-free water to ensure consistent, high-quality results.&...

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Image of a scientist using a Cubis II balance for chemical characterization

Lab Weighing

Sartorius lab balances are equipped to meet the highest standards of speed, reliability, compliance and safety.

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Picus® 2 Electronic and Tacta® Mechanical Pipettes

Ergonomics, design and reliability are the hallmarks of Sartorius pipettes. Our pipettes and pipette tips ensure repeatable and reliable results.

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Featured Products

Microsart AMP Mycoplasma

Mycoplasma Detection Kits

Keep your cell lines contaminant-free and compliant with Microsart® Mycoplasma qPCR kits.
Our Microsart® qPCR kits offer a rapid method for early detection of mycoplasma contamination. 

  • Reliable results within three hours
  • Ensure validated test results in compliance with international standards
  • Eliminate contamination risks by using the only non-infectious CFU-standards
  • Highest qPCR specificity with TaqMan® probes

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Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab 

Mammalian cell harvest in minutes. Quickly and easily harvest clarified supernatant containing your target molecule. 

  • Single-step filtration with high flow rates 
  • Efficient: only one filter needed 
  • Versatile with solutions for all cell densities in 15 – 1,000 mL volumes
  • Sartolab® MultiStation: Hands-free filtration up to 6 samples in parallel

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Discover Harvesting Devices

Vivaspin® and Vivaflow® Lab Ultrafiltration Devices

With a wide range of process volumes and a broad choice of membrane materials and molecular weight cut-offs, Vivaspin® and Vivaflow® serve as the perfect tools for every lab-scale protein, nucleic acid, nanoparticle or virus concentration step.

  • Concentrate macromolecules from 100 µL – 5 L samples
  • Broad range of MWCOs and membrane types
  • Built-in dead stops prevent sample loss
  • Plug and play solutions for high recovery rates
  • Minimized risk of membrane blocking

Discover Ultrafiltration Devices

Versatility and Reliability in Lab-scale Protein Concentration 

Vivaspin® and Vivaflow® Ultrafiltration units offer optimal solutions for every lab-scale volume while minimizing the risk of sample loss and membrane blocking. 

Hands-free, Rapid Filtration of Multiple Samples

Sartolab® Multistation is a stand uniquely designed to hold 1 to 6 vacuum filtration units, allowing simultaneous filtration of up to 6 samples. Easily install your vacuum filtration units in the Multistation for quick and easy filtration without the need for installation of extra connectors and time-consuming stabilization of units.

Speed Up and Simplify your Purification Process

 The macroporous structure of Sartobind® membrane adsorbers offers unparalleled speeds of purification, by enabling shorter residence and cycle times. Available in a choice of formats, experience parallel purification in a centrifuge or truly equipment-free purification, like never before.

Faster, Compliant Results in Mycoplasma Testing

Avoid lengthy cultivation method with our Microsart® Mycoplasma qPCR detection kits. These kits are fast, highly specific, sensitive, and compliant with international regulations.

Eliminate contamination risks by using the only non-infectious CFU-standards. 

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Lab Essentials for Successful Cell Line Development

Streamline routine CLD tasks, achieve more accurate results, avoid contamination, and simplify workflows.

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Detection and Prevention of Mycoplasma Contamination in Cell Cultures

Proper awareness of mycoplasma sources and the use of aseptic cell culture techniques alongside reliable detection methods for contamination can help...

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High-Throughput and Essential Lab Tools to Streamline Cell Line Development

High-Throughput and Essential Lab Tools to Streamline Cell Line Develo...

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Application Note

Vivaflow® 200: A Critical Tool for Concentrating Hybridoma Supernatant...

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Sartoclear Dynamics Lab brochure

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Convenient Mammalian Cell Culture Harvesting

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mycoplasma minimize contamination cover

Application Note: Minimize the Risk of Mycoplasma Contamination in You...

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Lab Water Applications — A to Z

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