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Design of Experiments (DOE) is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to design effective experiments, increase productivity, and tackle your toughest challenges in development and manufacturing. With MODDE® you can quickly tap into the power of DOE—without a steep learning curve. And that means you reap the cost-savings and benefits sooner. Whatever your industry—be it petrochemicals or pharma, food or fragrance, pulp, paper or plastic—MODDE® will help you advance faster. 

Expect More, Deliver More – with MODDE®

MODDE® does a lot more than ordinary DOE software. Its built-in guidance and quality measures ensure users make the best experimental choices, so you get the most relevant and effective outcomes. MODDE® is designed to help experimentalists get DOE right from the start.  With an efficient DOE approach to problem-solving, you can: 

  • Significantly reduce experimental costs  
  • De-risk projects and increase success rates 
  • Make the most of valuable samples, raw materials and human resources  
  • Accelerate progress and time-to-market while keeping within budget 
  • Achieve quality goals and satisfy Quality by Design (QbD) requirements 
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Advance With Confidence

Reduce the Risk of Failure – Make Every Experiment Count

Experiments are expensive. A poor experimental design or mistake at any stage can waste valuable materials, time and resources. With MODDE®, you don’t need to be an expert statistician to design, run and analyze effective DOEs. Our expert data scientists have condensed their years of experience into helpful wizards, automated routines, and informative data visualizations that speed up progress and guide experimentalists to the best outcomes—it’s like having an expert consultant by your side the whole time.  

Find Solutions That Meet ALL of Your Objectives

MODDE® stands out from other DOE software packages by taking your unique objectives and priorities into account.  Smart quality-analytics automatically apply a risk estimate to your options, based on how much uncertainty you decide is acceptable.  Are you working in a highly regulated industry? MODDE® guides you to the operational settings that give a healthy safety margin. Could a small shift in process conditions give you a big cost-savings? MODDE® helps you compare the impact of each option. 

Design of Experiments Support in Every Step

MODDE® provides optimization by a guided workflow wizard that helps scientists and engineers to intensify processes, reduce waste and optimize process output using a top-notch approach to mitigate risks. Together with the reworked design Wizard and updated analysis Wizard, MODDE® now provides complete guidance through your investigations from screening to optimization.
The most frequently used function and customizations can now be accessed in the properties pane, making it easier than ever to run a successful DOE.

Beginner or Pro – MODDE® Gets Tangible Results for Your Business

Whether you need full flexibility and advanced tools for complex and varied investigations, or are carrying out more routine or basic tasks—MODDE® gets results. Choose MODDE® Pro for advanced DOE, modeling and quality-analytics in development and manufacturing. For a more streamlined entry point, MODDE® Go helps users set up and advance with confidence. Both options accelerate progress with best-in-class tools, built-in guidance and automated routines—so you get the answers you need sooner. 




Design Wizard



Constraints definition for the DOE setup


Complement design tools


Combine ordinary process factors with mixture factors


Basic Designs



Customized Designs


Stability testing setup


Analysis wizard



One click analysis



Fit with MLR or PLS



Combination of process and mixture model


Optimization wizard


Robust optimization toolbox


Risk analysis tools


Customizable report generator for fast and standardized documentation.


Technical support


CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail



Validation report*


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*GxP compliant, quality activities performed throughout the life cycle of the software development according to Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2015, validated software, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail.

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User Guide

User Guide

MODDE® ReadMe and Installation Guide

PDF | 141.5 KB
User Guide

LAC Manual Product Activation

PDF | 476.4 KB
User Guide

MODDE® 12 User Guide

PDF | 6.4 MB



MODDE® - Design of Experiments Solution

PDF | 1.2 MB

MODDE® 13 What’s New

PDF | 2.5 MB

Technical features for MODDE® 13

PDF | 72.1 KB

What's New in MODDE® 12

PDF | 385.8 KB


CHO Cell Culture Media Optimization

ZIP | 1.2 MB

Complement a Screening Design

ZIP | 899.7 KB

Determination of Water Content

ZIP | 555.9 KB

Import Design

ZIP | 416.7 KB


ZIP | 3.1 MB

Robustness Testing and Analysis

ZIP | 814.5 KB

Stability Testing DOE

ZIP | 2.5 MB


Analysis Wizard

Design Wizard

Optimization Wizard

Validation Report

MODDE® 13.1 Validation Report

PDF | 87.2 KB

MODDE® 13.1 Validation Package

ZIP | 11.0 MB

MODDE 13.0.2 Validation Report

PDF | 87.8 KB

MODDE 13.0.2 Validation Package Numerical

ZIP | 5.4 MB

MODDE 13 Validation Plan and Report

PDF | 97.2 KB

MODDE® 13 Validation Package ZIP Folder

ZIP | 58.8 MB

Validation Report MODDE® 12.1

PDF | 67.9 KB

Validation Package MODDE® 12.1 Numerical - ZIP Folder

ZIP | 5.3 MB

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How do you trim production costs and still satisfy quality requirements?  Will your new vaccine formulation remain effective for the required shelf life?   Effective Design of Experiments (DOE) holds the key to answering questions like these systematically and cost-efficiently. This course explores how and when to apply DOE, drawing on real-world applications and examples using MODDE® software. Intended for researchers, scientists and engineers from all sectors of industry and academia.

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