Gene-Modified Cell Therapy

Discovery, Development, and Manufacturing of Gene-Modified Cell Therapies

Gene-modified cell therapies are a remarkable advancement in the fight against cancer. Landmark approvals of Kymriah and Yescarta in 2017 set the stage for rapid growth in the sector and just a few short years later, over 400 clinical trials are underway. As the industry continues to move at an unprecedented speed, we provide Solutions that help immune cell therapy developers and manufacturers accelerate their time to market and lower their COGs. These Solutions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges and goals of CAR-T R&D, process development and manufacturing.

Ensure: Overcome obstacles from concept to clinic by mitigating cell, donor and process variability with automation and control

Enhance: Gain process understanding by integrating upstream, downstream, and data analysis processes and rapidly optimize CPPs to achieve target cell product quality

Excel: Successfully bring life-saving immune cell therapies to patients faster by streamlining workflows throughout R&D, process development, and manufacturing

CAR-T Therapy Research & Development

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CAR-T Therapy Process Development

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CAR-T Therapy Manufacturing

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