Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250 High Throughput

Integrated Cell Culture Analyzers

Ambr® systems have been developed to be compatible with a range of analyzer technologies.

These provide clear benefits by automating the analysis of the many samples created:

  • Reduce staff time needed and out of hours work
  • Fully automated feedback control loops can be set up
  • Consistency of results is improved due to automation

Available analyzer integrations:

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BioPAT® Spectro

A new quality by design tool that unlocks the full potential of Raman spectroscopy.

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Nova BioProfile® FLEX2 – Compatible with Ambr® 15 Cell Culture and Ambr® 250 High Throughput

Integration of Nova FLEX2 with ambr systems provides a comprehensive walk away capability for fully automated cell culture process operation, including sampling, assay, data management and feedback control.

The Nova FLEX2 External Sampling Module (ESM) automatically transfers cell culture samples from a sample cup on the ambr system deck to the FLEX2 for analysis. Nova FLEX2 results are transferred to Ambr® software and the ambr system records the data and can also carry out a range of feedback control calculations and actions.

Ambr® systems are provided by Sartorius; Nova FLEX2 and ESM are provided by Nova Biomedical; connection (field integration) of the systems takes place in the user laboratory.

The Benefits

  • Comprehensive analysis of up to 16 culture parameters
  • Assay panels are defined via FLEX2, selected via Ambr®
  • Fully automated sampling, sample transfer and analysis, data transfer and automated feedback control
  • Typical control actions can be executed using FLEX2 results e.g. glucose, cell count etc., and also derived values calculated using ambr software e.g. IVC
  • Simplified data management workflow reduces errors and scientist workload

Integrated Cell Counter - Beckman Vicell XR or Cedex HiRes

Either a Beckman Vicell XR or a Cedex HiRes cell counter can be directly connected to a sample cup located on the deck of the ambr system. Sample transfer and cleaning steps are handled by the syringe pump on the cell counter, which is normally located outside the Ambr® biosafety cabinet. Either system can be supplied by the Ambr® user for a ‘field integration’; Beckman Vicell XR can be supplied directly by Sartorius.

The Benefits

  • Improved consistency of results compared to manual sample transfer of samples
  • Enables walk away operation and out of hours cell counts e.g. at night
  • A software (data) connection allows results to be recorded and used within the Ambr® software
  • Control actions e.g. feed additions can be calculated and executed based on cell counts
  • Can be integrated in parallel with Ambr® Analysis Module

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