7 Fold Titer Increase

High Throughput Screening of Cell Lines with Ensured Manufacturability at Scale

Improve the overall efficiency and speed of cell line and media development by 90% with the unique ambr15 automated multi-parallel minibioreactor.  Run up to 48 stirred vessels in parallel and screen for the best producing cell line and media combination with the help of easy-to-use Design of Experiment tools. Early selection of high producer cell lines under bioreactor conditions ensures that the best media and cell line combination is selected for scale-up to full scale production.

Find out how to reduce timelines in early process development using a multiparametric clone-selection and feed-optimization strategy.

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Automated, GMP Compliant Cell Banking

Reduce Contamination Risks Due to Human Error and Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury of your Staff

Achieve consistent and reliable processing of your cell banks, reduce your QC costs and increase productivity with automatic dispensing of GMP cell banks. Fast and automatic decapping of all cryovials and aseptic dispensing of your cell suspension before recapping, ready for transfer to your cell bank storage.

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Fast and Effective Media and Feed Optimization

Easy-to-Use Inbuilt Software Tools for Design of Experiment (DoE)

BioPAT® MODDE® is a user-friendly DoE software package that enables rapid design of multifactorial experiments to identify optimum conditions. It is ideal for effective media feed screening and process optimization and comes included in the software package of our ambr(R) 15 multiparallel minibioreactor. Implement DoE early on to speed up and simplify process optimization and scale-up to larger single-use Biostat® pilot and manufacturing scale bioreactors.

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Proven, Robust and Scalable CHO Expression Platform

High Titer Production Cell Lines Within 6 Months from DNA

Get a robust, high titer production cell line and fed-batch process within 6 months from DNA with the proven Cellca CHO expression platform. Straightforward scale-up to the Biostat STR® single-use production bioreactors together with Sartorius Master Cell Banking and integrated BioSafety Testing Services pave the way to rapid clinical manufacturing. Use our generic assays to prove the comparability of your biosimilar antibody and cut out unnecessary development time and cost.

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Your Biomanufacturing Solutions Partner

Rapid and cost-effective single-use / hybrid solutions from early phase development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

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Vaccine Manufacturing, Process Development and Production

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