BioPAT® Process Insights Software

BioPAT® Process Insights Software - Predictive Bioreactor Scale-Up|Down 

BioPAT® Process Insights software from Sartorius provides predictive scaling capabilities in an easy-to-use interface. It offers more than just a scaling calculator — it encourages in silico exploration and discovery to optimize scaling.

We designed BioPAT® Process Insights for Sartorius bioreactor users regardless of scaling or modeling expertise. It saves time and costs by improving process transfer across supported scales and detecting high-risk transfer earlier in process workflows.

Save time and money with characterized bioreactor data

BioPAT® Process Insights contains extensive characterization data for Sartorius bioreactors across a range of relevant conditions, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming engineering runs. 

Predict bioreactor scalability risk across the development workflow

BioPAT® Process Insights uses an innovative calculation engine to evaluate process scalability, encouraging in silico exploration and investigation to achieve operational goals.

Mitigate risk by unique multi-scale & multi-parameter evaluation

Evaluate multiple scaling parameters across multiple bioreactor scales simultaneously, to detect high-risk transfers earlier in process workflows. This enables scientists to mitigate risks appropriately before reaching more expensive manufacturing scales.

Simplify scaling for all bioreactor users

Leverage an easy-to-use interface with a built-in help guide to accommodate a range of users. We developed BioPAT® Process Insights to enable bioprocess scientists to optimize their processes and scale across supported Sartorius bioreactors, regardless of modeling or scaling expertise.

Collaborate with a multi-seat licence and shared workspaces

To support access and collaboration, BioPAT® Process Insights includes a generous license provides up to 10 seats to access software at the same time, making it easier to work together and share best practices. The software provides bioprocess scientists with workspaces to consider various scale-up and scale-down scenarios to help them achieve their operational goals.

De-risk Parameter Transfer Early in the QbD Workflow 

BioPAT® Process Insights Data Driven Software Application for Process Scaling

BioPAT® Process Insights minimizes the risks associated with conventional bioreactor scaling and design space exploration. The software combines unique scaling functionality with extensively characterized bioreactor data to deliver simplified, consistent scale-up between Sartorius Ambr®, Univessel® Glass/SU and Biostat STR® bioreactors. BioPAT® Process Insights helps you achieve Quality by Design (QbD), improves efficiency, and ensures faster time to market. 

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Predictive Bioreactor Scaling Calculations

BioPAT® Process Insights is a state-of-the-art software solution for predictive bioreactor scaling calculations.

  • Simplify and optimize scaling.

  • Improve bioprocess scaling with added novel functionality.

  • Benefit from Sartorius’ extensive experience bioreactor scaling experience.

Facilitate Collaboration and Teamwork

BioPAT® Process Insights facilitates collaboration and teamwork.

  • Collaborate effectively with a generous, 10-seat license.
  • Take advantage of guided templates and a built-in help guide to accommodate users with varying levels of experience.

  • Build workspaces to consider various scale-up and scale-down scenarios; all workspaces can be shared across the team.


Simplify Scale Conversions for Sartorius Bioreactors

BioPAT® Process Insights was built from the ground up to simplify scale conversions for Sartorius bioreactors.

  • Access extensive characterization data for a range of Sartorius bioreactors.
  • Reduce the need for costly and time-consuming engineering runs.
  • Predict design space for process development to maximize use of supported Sartorius bioreactors.

Handle Complex Scale-up and Scale-Down Scenarios

BioPAT® Process Insights contains powerful calculation engine to handle complex scale-up and scale-down scenarios.

  • Evaluate multiple scaling parameters across multiple bioreactor scales simultaneously.  
  • Express scaling problems in terms of biological and operational constraints to predict outcomes, identify issues, and optimize processes to meet your operational goals.

  • Detect high-risk transfers earlier in bioprocess development workflows.
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Why is Bioreactor Scaling Important?

To produce enough of your biologics for clinical trials or mass patient use at the lowest cost of goods, as a biopharmaceutical manufacturer, you need to ensure that your production processes scale effectively and efficiently from process development through to manufacturing.  

Upstream scaling involves transferring your process, including its critical process parameters, cells, products, and physical environment from one scale to another. When done correctly, this ensures your product quality, quantity, and biologic’s behavior at your final scale matches what you expected at your starting scale.  

However, scaling from one bioreactor to another is not simple and requires mimicking the biological, physio-chemical, and mechano-structural properties of the cellular micro-environment as you move between different vessel volumes. Failure of process runs during process transfer due to poor scale-up can be expensive, potentially costing up to 100 EUR/g for a 2,000 L bioreactor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upstream process development and production of suspension batch and fed-batch cell cultures in Sartorius single-use and Univessel® Glass bioreactors such as: 

  • Protein-based therapies (e.g. monoclonal-antibody/biosimilars) expressed in CHO cell lines
  • Some viral-vector applications (suspension cultures only)

BioPAT® Process Insights software helps with the scale-up and scale-down of cell culture processes across supported Sartorius bioreactors, from small bioreactors (starting at 15 mL) to large bioreactors (up to 2,000 L). The software allows the user to determine in silico whether the process is scalable and can be transferred between process development and manufacturing bioreactors.

  • A server (can be physical or a virtual machine) within a private network
  • Access for each user is via a PC connected to the server with either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed

Note that installation is carried out by the customer (not Sartorius). Please consult our experts for further details and refer to the technical specifications document for the minimum and preferred hardware and software requirements.

After placing an order, an automatic confirmation email is delivered with a link to the My Sartorius portal and an Activation ID and the software application is downloaded from the portal.  
The software can then be installed within your organization’s private network by your IT team.  

  • The software is accessed via a browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) using your organization’s private intranet
  • Internet access is not a requirement to use the software

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