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  • Webinar - The Importance of Bioreactor Scaling for Upstream Process Development

Scaling from one bioreactor size to another can be challenging due to the number of variables that must be assessed. Many experimental runs are typically required to fine-tune scaling calculations.

In this webinar, we review the limitations of current bioreactor scaling strategies. We also discuss the benefits of a risk-based, multi-parameter approach and introduce specific technologies that simplify and streamline bioreactor scale-up/down.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Discuss the challenges and limitations of traditional one-parameter bioreactor scaling approaches.

  • Understand the benefits of a multi-parameter, multi-scale approach to scaling.

  • Identify special scaling conditions that are often overlooked and how they can impact scaling calculations.

Meet Our Expert:

Sebastian Ruhl

Field Application Specialist – Cell Culture Technologies

Sebastian Ruhl has been working for Sartorius since 2007, where he is today a Field Application Specialist for Cell Culture Technologies. Sebastian started his career in the development team for single-use and multi-use bioreactors, where he supported the development of the Biostat STR® and the now widely used Flexsafe® bags.

As of 2020, he has been working as a Field Application Specialist, where he focuses on all Sartorius bioreactor systems and supports customers with technical and application-related topics.

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