Services for Your Research & Biomanufacturing Equipment

Tailored Service to Support Your Bioprocess

With decades of biopharmaceutical expertise, we offer a full range of services to ensure that your Sartorius instrument stays in optimal condition. Your success is our priority, and our service solutions support you with process security, minimized downtime, a tailored service agreement, and reliable performance.

Our Services. Your Benefits.

Ensure efficient performance of your bioreactor, fermenter, or chromatography system. Our service solutions support research and biomanufacturing processes to help you achieve your goals through your instrument’s lifecycle.

  • Process Security
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Requirements & Compliance

Maintenance and Agreements

Get the Right Support When You Need It

Our service-level agreements offer different levels of protection to meet your needs for response time and cost control. Our contract options offer peace of mind in case any unexpected issues arise.

Let us help find the right support for your needs.

  • Coverage of all maintenance intervals to maximize uptime
  • Maximize longevity of your equipment
  • Productivity, profitability, and risk minimization
  • Quality assurance, GLP and GMP compliance
  • Protection against unexpected costs

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Preventive Maintenance

Precision systems require regular professional maintenance in order to deliver reliable results over the long term. We recommend maintenance agreements to help protect the reliability of your equipment, ensure maximum productivity, and extend the life of your system.

  • Consistent quality of work
  • Optimized equipment performance
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Additional Services

Installation of Your Equipment

Ensure Reliability From the Start

The reliability and lifetime of your instruments depend on correct installation and configuration. With professional installation and commissioning of your bioreactor, fluid management system, or chromatography system, you can get reliable performance from the start.

  • Correct installation and commission of all components
  • Reproducible measures
  • Tight and leak-proof connection of tubes
  • Support in training operating personnel to work with the systems

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Effortlessly Meet Your Quality Requirements

We’re prepared to provide the best development, manufacturing, and maintenance of our instruments. Sartorius Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) is your protection for GLP and GMP compliance. Our specialists are trained to perform all necessary tests according to instrument specifications to ensure successful on-site equipment qualification.

  • Confidence in your facility's quality audit performance
  • Compliance with GLP and GMP requirements
  • Strict Sartorius test standards
  • Comprehensive documentation to support easy integration with your existing quality management system
  • Equipment manufacturer expertise and trained service technicians

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Professional calibration is extremely important for ensuring accuracy and reproducibility. We help make sure that your system always delivers reliable measurements by regularly checking and calibrating the sensors on your bioreactor or fermenter.
Our trained service technicians check and calibrate your devices in compliance with regulatory requirements and quality standards. With our help, you can receive:

  • Long-term accuracy and reproducibility
  • Audit reliability and GMP compliance ensured by measuring instruments and calibration certificates in conformance with ISO/IEC 17025
  • All required documents and certificates

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Professional Support On-Site When You Need It

If your instrument isn't performing the way it should, we’ll be there to fix it. Our team of around 400 trained service specialists manage logistics to provide you with the help you need. We’re continually working to improve your experience and support you as fast as possible, anywhere in the world.

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Software Updates and Upgrades

Regular software updates and upgrades keep your instrument up-to-date to maintain your system’s productivity and security.

  • Latest software improvements and new features
  • Minimized system downtime
  • Ensured reliable instrument operation

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More Information


You can always contact our service team for troubleshooting. Enter the details in our contact form and we will reach out as soon as possible to discuss next steps. Make sure to include the serial number, device category, and device type for a quick response.

You can always contact our service team for troubleshooting. Enter the details in our contact form and we will reach out as soon as possible to discuss next steps. Make sure to include the serial number, device category, and device type for a quick response.

You can always contact our service team for troubleshooting. Enter the details in our contact form and we will reach out as soon as possible to discuss next steps. Make sure to include the serial number, device category, and device type for a quick response.

Your local customer service representative will inform you about updates and upgrades as soon as they’re available. For other product-related changes, our standard change control process will apply.

 Yes, you can. Please contact your local service team to provide you with a sample of these documents. Use our contact form and provide us with as many details as possible so that we can help you quickly. Once we receive your message, we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Yes, our team provides requalification service.

Please use our contact form to request requalification.

The service interval is defined in your contract. Before your next maintenance date, we will first contact you in writing and then call you to schedule an appointment.

We recommend that you sign a service agreement right upon the purchase of your Sartorius equipment. You can select your required maintenance interval for the first year of operation. This way, you can be sure that you will receive our services and support even after your warranty expires and enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is in good hands.

Yes, you can. Reach out through our contact form – we will check the condition of your software configuration and provide a quote.

The right agreement depends on several factors – your manufacturing environment, your instruments, and the response time and cost control your process requires. You can see our breakdown of agreements based on priorities here.

Just get in touch with your local Sartorius contact for advice or use our contact form – with no strings attached. This service consultant will provide you with all the details and discuss your requirements with you.

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