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A broad portfolio of high precision laboratory balances from ultra-micro-balances to high capacity solutions

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Experience high levels of accuracy and precision in analytical testing and quantitative analysis

With a broad portfolio of world renowned weighing solutions, we provide you with a range of laboratory balances suited to fit your needs, including analytical balances, ultra-micro balances, high-capacity scales and mass comparators for calibration.

Suitable for use in laboratories, manufacturing, quality control, pharmaceutical arenas, as well as academic research and any other professional use, Sartorius lab balances are equipped to meet the highest standards of speed, reliability and safety. Our balances have been designed to deliver the best weighing results, and we focus on integrating them into your laboratory workflows to make your processes more efficient, reliable and ergonomic.

Lab Weighing Product Categories

Lab Balances

Balances and scales for the laboratory available in a broad variety of readability and with many different features.

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Pipette Calibration

Weighing solutions for gravimetric calibration of single channel or multi channel pipettes

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Mass Comparators & Metrology

Manual and electronic mass comparators with automatic load alternator, table-top, and stand-alone robotic mass comparators.

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Image of a Cubis II balance used for moisture determination

Moisture Analyzers

Moisture determination for plastics, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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OEM Weigh Cells & Load Cells

OEM Weigh Cells

Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) weigh cells and load cells as solutions for the integration of a force or weighing sensor into your plant equipment or ma...

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Weights & Weight Sets

Accurate metrological weights and weight sets with nominal mass values from 1 mg to 1,000 kg.

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Paint Mixing Solutions

Paint mixing scales and terminals, as well as services.

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Weighing Accessories

Wide range of accessories including weights, printers, density determination kits, pipette calibration kits and more.

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Introducing: Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Semi-Micro Balance

Experience the fastest stabilization time under everyday lab conditions, complimented by low minimum sample weight, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with connectivity solutions.

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Newly Designed: Quintix® Pro

Redefining Usability, Flexibility & Sustainability

Get the performance you need with a versatile balance that can handle a wide range of tasks. Moreover, it's a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious labs, such as startups or those operating with limited funds.

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Cubis® II Configurator: Your Custom Balance in 4 Easy Steps

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Lab Weighing Features

Pharma Compliant Weighing

Weighing compliant to USP Chapter 41, 1252, PhEur 2.1.7 as well as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11

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Sartorius Instrument Services


Unlimited communication: connectivity and interfaces - integration of lab instruments into LIMS or ELN

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scientist weighing with cubis balance

Services for Laboratory Balances

With our certified and accredited services, we support and service your laboratory weighing equipment through its entire life-cycle. 

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Lab Weighing Applications

Fluid Intravenous Drop Saline Drip

Precision Infusion Pump Testing Equipment & Micro-Flow Calibration

Solutions to ensure accurate dose administration and sets the standard in precision lab weighing for infusion device manufacturers and testing labs.

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Cleaning QApp

Cleanliness has high importance in high-resolution balances. Thanks to the brand-new cleaning app, keeping the balance clean is now a seamless part of your daily routine. We offer solutions for routine and advanced cleaning processes, and the documentation of these steps helps integrate cleaning into SOPs. The “Sartorius Best Cleaning Practices” guideline as well as the intuitive assembly of parts also help keep these balances clean.

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Pipette Calibration

Fast, user-friendly and portable solutions provide the best features for accurate gravimetric testing of any pipette size. 

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HPLC Sample Preparation

With a weighing accuracy of up to five decimal places and a 48,000-step resolution, your solvent will be dispensed automatically.

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Cubis II Family

Medical Device Quality Control & Manufacturing Solutions

Backweighing solutions for drug substances and excipients, as well as controlling the amount of coating on drug eluting stents are the methods of choice for Medical Devices industry production and QC.

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Moisture Determination

No matter, if you work with chemical, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, buildings materials, pulp and paper, paints and coatings or animal feed - the moisture or water content has a decisive impact on price, processability and quality, ranging from raw materials to final products.

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Paint Mixing

Paint mixing - made easy, reliable, accurate and fast

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Lab Weighing Resources

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Use of Laboratory Balances in the Pharmaceutical Industry cover

Whitepaper: Use of Laboratory Balances in Pharmaceutical Industry

On 1 July 2021 the new European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.) Chapter 2.1.7 "Balances for Analytical Purposes" will be published, and after a transition per...

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Application Note: Integration of Sartorius Cubis® II into STARLIMS™

Direct instrument integration into a LIMS is an essential task to reduce the need for manual recording, which negates the potential for errors, gives...

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Application Highlight: Pipette Check to Standard DIN with Cubis® ...

According to Standard DIN EN ISO 8655-2 volumetric measuring instruments such as piston pipettes must be checked at regular intervals but at least onc...

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Video: Cubis® II Compliance & Connectivity

The premium balance that can be smartly integrated into your laboratory today and meets the connectivity requirements of tomorrow. 

Cubis® II Ultra High-Resolution Cleaning Video

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Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Upgradeability & Flexibility

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Best Cleaning Practices For Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balan...

Important Considerations on How to Manage Contamination of Your Sartorius Balance

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Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balances: From Data Sheet to Reality
Application Note

Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution Balances: From Data Sheet to Reality

Prove excellent performance of the Cubis® II High-Capacity Micro Balances under real-world lab conditions

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