New: Sartolab® Multistation for the Most Convenient Filtration of Small Volumes

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Laboratory Filtration and Purification Devices

For over 140 years Sartorius has been using science to create solutions for our customers.   The Sartorius Lab Filtration portfolio, whether it is simple filter papers or microporous membranes,  to the latest innovation in filtration devices, ultrafiltration units, or protein or DNA purification devices each demonstrates Sartorius’ commitment to using the best in science and engineering design to provide a product range that not only satisfies most every need, but does so with the ease, performance, quality and consistency that scientists demand today.

Sartoclear Dynamics Lab V

70% Faster Clarification and Sterile Filtration of up to 1,000 mL Mammalian Cell Cultures in One Step

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Claristep Filtration System

The Easy Choice - Syringeless and Fast

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Vivaspin Ultrafiltration Family

Sample Concentration up to 20ml Initial Volume

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Sartolab® Multistation

Hands-free filtration of up to 6 x 50 mL samples in a few seconds

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Pre-heated Quartz Microfiber Filters Grade Q3400

High-Purity Filters with Excellent Weight and Dimentional stability

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HPLC Clarification made EASY!

The power of simplicity

  • Clarify up to 8 samples simultaneously in seconds!
  • Use just your palm to power! 
  • Versatile: operates low sample volumes with minimal sample loss and maximum compatibility

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Simply Faster, Simply Better

Fastest to concentrate, highest recoveries

  • Unrivaled high flow rates due to unique inter-membrane narrow channel
  • Optimal sample recovery with angular design of the dead-stop pocket
  • 100% chemical resistance to 2N sodium hydroxide allows for endotoxin removal

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Optimize your HPLC sample preparation for higher analytical accuracy

Your HPLC results can only be as good as the quality of your sample preparation. Using Sartorius products to prepare samples for HPLC prevents the usual problems from occurring:

  • No blockage of your HPLC column
  • Higher sensitivity of your HPLC column
  • Higher accuracy
  • Fewer false-positive peaks
  • Less background noise
  • No leachables

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Latest Laboratory Filtration & Purification Resources

New Laboratory Ultrafiltration Selection Poster

Laboratory Ultrafiltration: How to Choose the Optimal Device & Method

How to choose the optimal ultrafiltration device and method for proteins, viruses, DNA, polymers, nanoparticles, exosomes, and more!

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Application Note

How to Increase Recovery at Critical Protein Samples: Impact of Syringe Filter Membrane, Volume and pH

Protein loss during sample preparation can be an obstacle to reliable product quantitation in biological, biotechnological and biopharmaceutical settings.

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Your Practical Guide to Basic Laboratory Techniques

"You need to learn to walk before you can run" is a saying many of us probably heard when we were children. The clear message here is that there are some basic skills we need to master before we can move on to the next level. And there are plenty of good reasons that following this mantra will set one up for success, not the least of which—to continue the metaphor—is avoiding tripping and falling on your face.

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