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The iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometer allows researchers to acquire and analyze high content, multiplexed assays needed to assess immune cell function by combining cell immuno-phenotyping, cell health, and secreted protein (cytokine) analysis in every well of a microtiter plate. Accelerate your research by resolving complex cellular research questions via  multiplexed analysis in a single well.


Meet the iQue® 3

Obtain actionable results in record time results using the most advanced flow cytometry platform. 

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iQue Forecyt® Software

Enable rapid data interpretation and reduce analysis bottlenecks with iQue Forecyt® software.

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iQue® Reagents and Consumables

Perform comprehensive, multiplexed analysis of cells, beads and secreted proteins all from the same cells at the same timepoint for coherent biologica...

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Introduction to Advanced Flow Cytometry

Faster time to actionable results.  Turn complex science into meaningful insights.

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Smarter, Faster Flow Cytometry

Get actionable answers from complex biology with smarter, faster flow cytometry. Watch the video to learn more.

Applications for Advanced Flow Cytometry

Transform how you analyze cells with a suite of reagents and consumables to meet your advanced flow cytometry needs.

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Advance Research With iQue® Resources

Learn how researchers use iQue® to advance their research — from immune cell characterization to biological drug discovery

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Flow Cytometry Resources

iQue® Brochure

Drive your research forward with advanced flow cytometry – miniaturize sampling, multiplex bead and cell based assays, and automate your experimental...

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