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The Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis system is designed to efficiently capture cellular changes where they happen - in the incubator. Capture high-resolution fluorescence and bright field images and record data in real time over hours, days or weeks. From proliferation assays to immune killing of tumor spheroids, this flexible system enables users to observe and quantify complex biological changes in real time. Integrated software simplifies data analysis to speed time to answer while producing publication-quality graphs and plots.

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Instruments, Reagents, and Software

Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems

Perform real-time imaging and analysis of cell health, movement, morphology and function directly from your incubator over days, weeks or months.

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Incucyte® Reagents and Consumables

Explore a range of kits for apoptosis, cytotoxicity, immune cell killing, neurite analysis, proliferation, tumor spheroids, and more.

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Incucyte® Software

Make the complex simple with powerful and integrated analysis tools that support your entire research team.

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Unlock new insights

Unlock new insights with a wide range of applications  — from complex immune-tumor cell interactions, synaptic activity in neuronal co-cultures, metabolism in cancer cells, and much more

Live-Cell Analysis Applications

Accelerate your next discovery with Incucyte’s® suite of live-cell applications.

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Resources for Live-Cell Analysis

Learn how Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis is being used to advance biological discoveries across a range of therapeutic areas.

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Live-Cell Analysis Resources


Live-Cell Analysis Handbook: 6th Edition

Discover how the power of artificial intelligence for label-free, live-cell imaging and analysis is moving research forward and driving deeper discove...

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Technical Note

Incucyte® Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis Best Practices      

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Incucyte® Reagents, Consumables and Software Brochure

Find reagents, consumables and software to meet your application needs.

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Live Cell Insights Publications Newsletter

Keep up with the latest Incucyte® research by reading our summaries of new and notable research articles featuring the Incucyte.

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