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Cool Cells, Cooler Results | Innovative Preservation Solutions For Cell Therapy 

Throughout the journey from manufacturing to patient delivery, low efficiency and poor biocompatibility of conventional preservatives are barriers to successful cell preservation. Our webinar will cover advanced solutions that can help improve the stability and post-thaw viability of your cell therapy products. 

What Will You Learn: 

  1. Discover the benefits of using all-in-one, chemically-defined cryopreservation solutions. 
  2. Understand when cold storage may be a suitable alternative to cryopreservation. 
  3. Learn how custom solutions with recombinant human albumin support post-thaw viability. 

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Rukmini Ladi

External Collaborations Manager CCT   

Rukmini is an External Collaborations Manager at Sartorius, where she leads the formation of partnerships for immune and stem cell therapies through scientific collaborations. She holds two master's degrees in pharmaceutical science and has over seven years of experience as a Bioprocess Development Engineer . Before joining Sartorius, Rukmini worked in R&D and process development in the field of cell therapies.