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Learn How to Reach Higher Throughput in Aliquoting using the Linkit® AX Solution

Is manual aliquoting slowing you down? Discover how biopharmaceutical companies can benefit from a fully automated aliquoting system that rapidly fills 10 single-use bags at once. Learn how one large biopharma gained processing speed and accuracy with the ready-to-use Linkit® AX Aliquoting Solution. 

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What Will You Learn:
  1. Learn about the Linkit® AX Aliquoting Solution for aseptic, automated bag filling.

  2. Discover how simultaneous filling and a single-use setup accelerate operations.

  3. Get insight from one large biopharma’s experience and see the results.

Meet Our Experts:

Prisca Baptista

Product Manager, Transfer & Distribution

Since 2017, Prisca Baptista has been working for Sartorius, where she is Operational Product Manager for Transfer and Distribution. She earned her engineering degree at the European Engineering School for Material Sciences in Nancy, France. Prisca has worked on product development in the field of fluid management technologies and purification technologies.

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