CAR-T Therapy Research & Development

CAR-T Research & Development

CAR-T scientists seek to discover novel targets expressed on cancer cells and develop high-affinity chimeric antigen receptors. Performing these screens rapidly, reproducibly, and at throughput requires:

  • Controlling variability to ensure comparability of experiments
  • Automating assays to enable throughput
  • Running assays at throughput to accelerate identification of CAR and novel targets 
  • Characterizing extensively to obtain a multidimensional data set describing CAR and target through kinetic, phenotypic, and functional characterization
  • Turning data into insights to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the target and of the CAR and establish critical quality attributes (CQAs)

Sartorius T-Cell Screening Solution can accelerate time-to-market by revealing insights into new targets and identifying effective CAR constructs.

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Disrupting the Solid Tumor Environment Using CAR-T Therapies

CAR-T experts about the challenges and novel strategies for targeting CAR T and related ACT platforms to the solid tumor environment.

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