Biowelder® TC Sterile Welding Device

Biowelder® TC Sterile Tube Welding Device

Automated Sterile Tube Welding for Total Containment

Advanced biomanufacturing processes require advanced tools to provide reliable connections between components. The Biowelder® TC is an automated device for making sterile connections between thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing elements. This proven technology uses unique rotating tube holders to connect dry- or liquid-filled TPE tubing and ensures total containment of process fluids by reconnecting discarded tube ends. Validation protocols ensure that Biowelder® TC connections are sterile.


Device can accommodate tube sizes from 1/4" to 1" OD and supports co-welding of varied TPE brands. Tubes can be dry, wetted or filled.

Total Containment 

Patented technology creates two welds to prevent environmental contamination from discarded tube ends.


An operator starts the automated welding process via the LCD touch screen.

Error Prevention

Tube holders are color-coded for ease of use.

Ultra Safe Connection

The thermal welds are extraordinarily stable and ensure a sterile connection.

Biowelder® TC Working Principle

To start using the Biowelder® TC automated tube welder, an operator inserts the tube holders, the disposable blade and the TPE tubes and initiates the welding process via the touch screen. The blade is first heated for depyrogenation and cooled to the welding temperature, with an infrared sensor controlling the temperature. After the blade cuts the tubes, the tube holder rotates and a new connection is established.

Market Leading Welding Performance

Versatile Automated Sterile Tube Welder

The Biowelder® TC automated welding device provides a simple, flexible, and fast solution for making sterile connections across all biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. It can be used on disposable bags, single-use tubing assemblies and unit operations. 

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Biowelder® TC Sterile Welding Device

Automated & ergonomic design

On-screen step-by-step instructions, color coding and
size-specific tube holders minimize operator errors.

Variety of qualified materials

Compatible with Tuflux® TPE, C-Flex® 374*, AdvantaFlex®**, PharMed®* BPT, and SaniPure®* BDF™ tubings. Additional TPE brands may be used after internal validation.

Variety of tube sizes and conditions

Has 1/4" to 1" OD tube size capacity and can weld dry, wet or liquid-filled tubes.

Extensively qualified

Comprehensive validation guide is available to support quality assurance and safe and robust sterile welding connections.

Short welding time

Produces fast, reliable and automated connections in under 2.5 minutes.

*C-Flex®, SaniPure™ and PharMed® are registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation. **AdvantaFlex® is registered trademark of AdvantaPure.

Biowelder® TC Applications

Connect with Flexibility

Biowelder® TC can weld wet, dry, or liquid-filled tubing in non-classified and classified environments while maintaining product sterility.

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Connect at Every Step

From small-scale upstream processes to final filling applications in large commercial productions, the Biowelder® TC  adapts to changing connection needs.

Connect Across Applications

Create sterile welds in an array of processes including mAbs, vaccines, cell and gene therapeutics, cell line development and biosimilars.

Sterile Tube Welding

Biowelder®  TC Components, Accessories and Services

Maximize welding capabilities and ensure uninterrupted operation with single-use components and accessories. Regular Sartorius service maintains peak performance.


Biowelder® TC System

The Biowelder® TC provides a simple, flexible and fast solutions for bioprocessing connections.

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Tube Holders

Each tubing dimension has a tube holder dedicated to exactly one combination of ID to OD. Color codes assure precise operation.

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The welder has only one consumable — single-use cutting blades. To ensure clean and sterile welds, cutting blades are discarded after use. 



Ensure top Biowelder® performance with a temperature calibration kit.

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User Guide

Biowelder® Total Containment

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6 Reasons to Choose the Biowelder® TC

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