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At Sartorius, we know providing quality lab filtration materials is only half the battle. If a filter isn't easy to put in place, connect or use, it becomes a problem rather than a solution.

To combat these hindrances, we've manufactured a variety of custom-designed filter holders and support pieces that are expressly engineered for use with our many filters. These pieces fit tight, fit right and make using our filters easy and economical. Give your filtration devices the support they deserve and review our complete line of filter support products and accessories.

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Unboxing and Setting Up Sartorius Filter Holders

Unboxing: What's Included With a Large Stainless Steel Filter Holder?

The Sartorius’ large stainless steel filter holders in sizes 142 mm and 293 mm contain a manual and three stainless steel legs next to the main product. It is well protected by a safe and secure packaging.

Set-Up: How to Install Large Stainless Steel Filter Holders

The Sartorius’ large stainless steel filter holders can be easily attached to a pressure source via a pressure tank. Watch this video to learn step by step how to get the filter holders working.

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Combisart® - Kits

Experience our stainless-steel manifold with three filter holder options. Our bundle is a synergy of materials designed to enhance laboratory efficiency. The stainless-steel manifold provides robust support, while the glass filter holder delivers unmatched clarity. With up to three glass filter or polycarbonate units in parallel, analytical determination and particle removal has been greatly simplified.

  • Stainless steel, glass, polycarbonate
  • Autoclavable
  • Suitable for 25 mm, 47 mm or 50 mm filters
  • Easy to use vacuum filtration kit

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Reusable Syringe Filter Holders

Take the economic and traceable route with our reusable syringe filter holders.

  • Leak-proof designs
  • PTFE, stainless steel or polycarbonate
  • Autoclavable
  • Luer Lock connectors
  • Suitable for 13 mm or 25 mm disc filters
  • Max. operating pressure 5-7 bar | 500 - 700 kPa | 72.5 - 101.5 psi

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Glass Vacuum Filter Holders

Discover versatile, reusable all-glass vacuum filter units and holders for analytical determination and particle removal from solvents.

  • Designed for particle testing, clarification and sterile filtration
  • Suitable for 25 mm, 47 mm or 50 mm filters
  • Sterilization by autoclaving (134 °C | 273 °F) or dry heat (180 °C | 356 °F)
  • Available as filter holder with vacuum-resistant flask or as stopper solution

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In-Line Filter Holders

Get your filters IN-LINE, over and over again! These economically savvy filter holders have been designed for in-Line filtration.

  • Stainless steel or polycarbonate housings and connections

  • Sterilization by autoclaving

  • Max operating pressure 5-20 bar | 500 - 2,000 kPa | 72 - 290 psi

  • Fits to 25 mm, 47 mm, 50 mm, 142 mm or 293 mm disc filters (20 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, 130 mm or 279 mm prefilter for high particle loaded samples)

  • Flexible coupling available for direct connection to values, pumps or pressure tanks

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Pressure Filter Holders

For repeatedly filtering large volumes (up to 2L in a single pass) under pressure, quickly and easily, you need Sartorius’ re-usable pressure filter holders. These stainless steel filter holders allow filtration without the need of an additional pressure vessel.

  • Sterilization by autoclaving

  • Max operating pressure 5-10 bar | 500 - 1,000 kPa | 72 - 145 psi

  • Fits to 47 mm or 142 mm membrane filters (40 mm or 130 mm prefilter for high particle load samples)

  • Flexible coupling available for direct connection to values, pumps or pressure tanks

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Sartorius Filter Holder Features

Sartorius Filter Holders Offer:

Looking ahead to a more environment-friendly laboratory framework

With highly durable and rigid materials, our filter holders are made for multiple uses and are built to last with proper usage. In addition, our filter holders make great analysis tools for the filtrate and retentate, which is not ultimately measurable in a single-use device.

Benefit from our core competency

Our membrane and depth filters fit perfectly into our broad range of filter holder diameters. From 13 mm to 293 mm, you can choose the housings and membrane types to ensure highly individualized solutions.

Economical alternative to disposable options

Since we construct highly durable, long-lasting devices, you can move away from disposable options that may generate higher costs. We provide you a one-time investment for a broad range of laboratory applications.


Filter Holder Frequently Asked Questions

Please find our chemical compatibility chart at the end of our brochure.

All disc-size filters sold through Sartorius are compatible with the functionality of the filter holders. You can choose a flat membrane filter or a depth filter if the application allows, depending on need.

Typical applications include:

  • Sterile filtration
  • Cell retention
  • Particle removal
  • Air & gas filtration
  • Protein filtration

In general, all applications related to membrane filters and prefilters are applicable.

The membrane must be enclosed by the o-ring or there may be leakages and filtration of the respective media will not work properly. Furthermore, do not use a prefilter larger than the membrane filter.

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