Sartorius Precisely Engineered Filtration Holders & Support Accessories

Give your filters the Support that they Need!

At Sartorius we know that providing quality filter material is only half the battle. If a filter isn't easy to put in place, connect or use, it becomes a problem rather than a solution. That's why we've manufactured a variety of custom designed filter holders and support pieces that are expressly engineered for use with our many filters. These pieces fit tight, fit right and make using our filters fast, easy and economical. So give your filters the support they crave and review our complete line of filter support and accessories.

  • Filter holders and support apparatus available for nearly all membranes and filter types
  • Durably constructed of stainless, PTFE, polycarbonate or glass housings
  • Ready to Use, and simple to connect w/Leak proof construction & Luer lock precision fixtures.
  • Filter accessories offer a Reusable & Economical alternative to disposable options.

Reusable Syringe Filter Holders

Take the Economic and Traceable Route!

  • Leak proof designs
  • Various materials available: PTFE, stainless steel and polycarbonate
  • Autoclavable
  • Luer Lock connectors
  • Suitable for 13 or 25 mm disc filters
  • Max. operating pressure 5-7 bar | 500 - 700 kPa | 72.5 - 101.5 psi

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Glass Vacuum Filter Holders

Sartorius' Versatile, Re-usable All-Glass Vacuum Filter Unit & Holder For Analytical Determinations & Particle Removal from Solvents

  • Designed for particle testing, clarification and sterile filtration
  • Suitable for 25, 47 or 50 mm filters
  • Sterilization by autoclaving (134 °C | 273 °F) or dry heat (180 °C | 356 °F)
  • Available as filter holder with vacuum resistant flask or as stopper solution

In-Line Filter Holders

Get your filters IN-LINE Inexpensively, over and over again!

These filter holders have been designed for in-Line filtration. They are available in stainless steel or polycarbonate for the use of 25 mm, 47 mm or 50 mm filter.

  • Stainless steel or polycarbonate housings and connections
  • Sterilization by Autoclaving
  • Max operating pressure 5-20 bar | 500 - 2,000 kPa | 72 - 290 psi
  • Fits to 25, 47 or 50 mm disc filters (20, 40 or 42 mm prefilter high particle loaded samples)
  • Flexible coupling available for direct connection to values, pumps or pressure tanks

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Pressure Filter Holders

Cope with the Pressure!

When you have to filter a lot of material (up to 5L in a single pass), under pressure, quickly and easily, over and over, you need Sartorius’ re-usable Pressure Filter Holders for the filtration. Two versions are available: a stainless steel Pressure Filter Holder for the filtration of up to 5 liters and a chemical-resistant PTFE filter holder for the filtration of harsh chemicals.

  • Sterilization by Autoclaving
  • Max operating pressure 5-10 bar | 500 - 1,000 kPa | 72 - 145 psi
  • Fits to 47 mm filter membranes
  • Flexible coupling available for direct connection to values, pumps or pressure tanks

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