Laboratory Pressure Filtration Units

Our laboratory pressure-driven filtration units are ready-to-use devices designed for the clarification and/or sterile filtration of media and aqueous solutions. Designed to accommodate a range of batch sizes (100mL to 10L), they can be tailored to a variety of laboratory needs.

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Sartorius Sartolab® P20 Features

Membrane of Choice

Polyethersulfone (PES) is the membrane of choice for the Sartolab® P20 pressure filter units, as it combines very low protein binding properties with the highest flow rates.

Compact Design

Sartolab® P20 has a compact footprint and an outer diameter of 61mm, making it ideal for laboratory use. 

Ample Variety 

Sartolab® P20 pressure filter units are available in a broad range of configurations to fit your individual needs. Choose between sterile and non-sterile, etc. to meet the requirements of most applications.

Find the Right Sartolab® Pressure Filters

Sartolab® P20 Pressure Filter Units

Sartolab® P20 devices are ready-to-use pressure filter units for the clarification and sterile filtration of media and aqueous solutions in batches from 100 mL to 10 L. Sartolab® P20 Plus with an incorporated prefilter is recommended for difficult-to-filter solutions like, for example, media that contains serum. These devices offer:

  • Highest flow rates with a large surface of filtration (20 cm²)
  • No loss of protein with a low-binding membrane
  • Low hold-up volume due to optimized membrane support
  • Versions available with a prefilter for high particle load solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

To maximize sample recovery after all visible liquid has been filtered, remove the syringe from the filter, draw in air, reconnect the syringe and use this air cushion to recover a part of this liquid remained in the filter.

Avoid air passage during the filtration process by using a weight on the side of the tubing immersed in the solution to be filtered.

Air ingress can create an air blockage in the membrane, thus reducing filtration performance.


Application Note

In-line Filtration of Groundwater Samples for Heavy Metal Analysis with Sartolab® P20 Plus

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Sartolab® P20 Pressure Filter Units

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