Desalting and Buffer Exchange with Sartorius Ultrafiltration Concentrators

Forget overnight dialysis - Exchange your buffer gently within minutes

During the preparation of biological samples, buffer exchange is an essential step, as it prepares the sample for downstream applications or enables subsequent long-term storage. The traditional method for buffer exchange is dialysis, but, as it relies on passive diffusion, it can take up to 24 hours.

You can substantially reduce the time needed for exchanging your buffer by applying Sartorius ultrafiltration devices for diafiltration. Whether applying centrifugal force in Vivaspin or make use of the cross flow method with Vivaflow for larger volumes; it's a great save of time and you can get the job done within minutes.

  • Industry leading flow rates and product recoveries
  • Multiple MWCOs and volume sizes available from 0.5 ml to 5 liter capacity

Go for a spin! Desalt or buffer exchange the fast, easy way!

Desalting and Buffer Exchange with Vivaspin® Centrifugal Concentrators

Vivaspin® centrifugal concentrators, with patented vertical membrane technology, combine fast filtration with high recovery of target proteins. This makes Vivaspin® the technology of choice for desalting or buffer exchange, avoiding lengthy dialysis steps.

  • Buffer exchange and concentration in one device
  • >95% of the salt removed in 1 step, 99% in two!
  • >92% sample recovery, consistently!
  • Simple, 3 step process: Select Vivaspin® unit, Fill it, and Spin it!

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Application Note

How to Use Vivaspin for Desalting and Buffer Exchange

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Application Note

Application Note: Vivaflow® and Vivaspin® Workflow in Protein Research Laboratories

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Go with the flow! Desalting and Buffer exchange of larger volumes

Vivaflow® Crossflow units - the ultimate solution

Vivaflow® crossflow devices are ideal for buffer exchange and diafiltration of aqueous samples with volumes ranging from 100 ml to 5 l. The combination with the diafiltration reservoir makes the concentration step and subsequent diafiltration step very convenient.

  • Easy to operate
  • Ready to use
  • Large volume capacities

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