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The Sartolab® RF | BT portfolio offers a complete range of vacuum filtration units for volumes from 50 mL to 1 L.

As part of Sartorius' ongoing commitment towards sustainability, the portfolio is manufactured in a plant powered by 100% renewable electricity. Also available is the Sartolab® MultiStation, a stand for parallel filtration of up to six samples, reducing filtration time for multiple samples.

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Unboxing the Sartolab® RF | BT Vacuum Filtration Unit

This video provides a hands-on look at what is included in a typical Sartolab® RF | BT Vacuum Filtration Unit package. 

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Sartolab® RF | BT Vacuum Filtration Units

Sartolab® RF | BT are convenient vacuum filtration units designed for research purposes. They are expertly designed for the vacuum filtration of small volumes (50 mL to 1 L). 

As a complete system, the Sartolab® RF includes a receiver flask to the filtration funnel. 

Sartolab® BT is a bottle top filter (filtration funnel) without a receiver flask, enabling customers to use their own receiver flasks and/or to expand filtration capacity - depending on the particle load of the filtered liquid - by filling more than one receiver flask.

Sartolab® Bottles are available with four volumes (150 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL and 1 L) and are ideal complements to Sartolab® BT, bottle top filters.

Key Benefits:

  • Large filtration area for the highest flow rates
  • No loss of protein thanks to a low-protein affinity membrane
  • Low hold-up volume due to optimized membrane support
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit or with the Sartolab® Multistation, which allows parallel filtration of up to six samples

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Sartolab® Multistation - for Parallel Filtration of up to 6 Samples

Sartolab® Multistation is a stand uniquely designed to hold one to six vacuum filtration units, allowing simultaneous filtration of up to six samples. Easily install your vacuum filtration units in the Multistation for quick and easy filtration without the need for extra connectors and time-consuming stabilization. Sartolab® Multistation works with Sartolab® RF|BT vacuum filtration units for filtration of 50 mL to 1 L samples.

Key Benefits:

  • Hands-free filtration
  • Space-saving with one single vacuum source for simultaneous filtration of up to six samples
  • Saves time - no installation time for each filter unit before use

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Sartorius Vacuum Filters Benefits

Sartolab RF BT vacuum filters
Sartolab Multistation
Sartolab Multistation
Membrane of Choice

Polyethersulfone is the membrane of choice for Sartolab® RF | BT vacuum filtration units as it combines very low protein binding properties and highest flow rates. 

The 0.22 μm polyethersulfone membrane belongs to the best asymmetric membrane in the market. 

Sartolab® RF | BT vacuum filtration units are available in three pore sizes to meet most applications: 

  • 0.1 μm for mycoplasma removal 
  • 0.22 μm for sterile filtration of cell culture, media, buffers and reagents 
  • 0.45 μm for clarification of aqueous and viscous solutions 
Ergonomic Design

Sartolab® RF | BT vacuum filtration units have been designed to maximally reduce user pain points in daily work.

  • Ergonomically designed bottles (150 mL to 1L) for easy one-handed grip
  • Designated writing field for clear labeling of samples
  • Engraved graduations on funnels and bottles ensure accuracy and readability
  • Sturdy bottle footprint ensures stability during filtration
  • Vacuum-tight seal means no extra tightening before filtration
  • Stackable funnels and bottles for saving space in the refrigeration and bin
  • Adapter connecting the funnel to the bottles enables the unit to be used on the Sartolab® Multistation for filtration of up to six samples in parallel with one vacuum source
  • Ergonomic soft blister packaging is easy to open and facilitates the transportation of several units with one hand
State-of-the-Art Production

Sartolab® RF | BT vacuum filtration units are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified plant and ISO Class 8 cleanroom to assure the highest level of purity.

  • Fluid path materials used in the production of the Sartolab® RF | BT vacuum filtration units are medical graded for highest quality without animal origin
  • All products are sterilized and guaranteed endotoxin-free
  • Fluid path component materials meet requirements for United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI Biological Test for Plastics (latest volume)
  • Fluid path component materials are determined non-cytotoxic in accordance to ISO 10993
Hands-Free Parallel Filtration

Sartolab® MultiStation is a stand especially designed to hold one to six vacuum filtration units for simultaneous multiple filtration. The MultiStation is permanently connected to a vacuum source, and the vacuum filtration units can be easily installed in the MultiStation without extra time-consuming connection.


These filtration products manage various liquids, including hazardous ones, with limited recycling options. Key sustainable features include:

• Raw Materials & Manufacturing: 100% renewable energy use and energy-efficient technologies.

• Packaging: Redesigned to use 22% less plastic and 11% less cardboard per unit.

• Distribution: Enhanced transportation efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

• Product design: Storage optimization and spill prevention.

• Disposal: Treated as plastic waste if not exposed to biohazards.

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See How Sirion Biotech GmbH Uses Sartorius Vacuum Filtration Devices to Streamline Upstream Processes

The team at Sirion Biotech GmbH, a leading viral vector manufacturer based in Germany, is using the Sartoclear Dynamics®️ Lab and Multistation to achieve clarification within minutes while simultaneously filtering up to 6 L, significantly accelerating their upstream processes.

"As a leading viral-vector manufacturer, we strive to produce the highest quality rAAVs in the shortest possible time. Isolating rAAVs from crude cell-lysates typically requires centrifugation and/or PEG precipitation – steps which are time consuming, labor intensive and generate a lot of plastic waste.

The single-use Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Filter kits has enabled us to streamline our upstream processes. The crude-lysates are directly filtered over Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Filter kits. Clarification is achieved within a few minutes and the Multistation set-up allows us to simultaneously filter up to 6 L. The rAAV-recoveries using Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab products are remarkably high, surpassing what we obtain using in-depth filtration. Moreover, lysates clarified using Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab are instantly ready for our downstream processes including affinity capture by FPLC. Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab, along with the Multistation, have greatly improved our workflow."

Kimchi Strasser, PhD., Team Lead for Process Development at Sirion Biotech GmbH (a Perkin Elmer company)

Frequently Asked Questions

In vacuum filtration, a vacuum is created by evacuating air from a receiver flask, inducing suction of the liquid through the membrane (performing the filtration). Vacuum filtration is faster than gravity filtration as the solution is forced to go through the filter by the application of vacuum pressure.

Strong vacuum pressure decreases the boiling point of the filtered liquid. You can bring water to boil at lower temperatures under vacuum:

  • 100°C @ normal air pressure
  • ~70°C @ 500 mbar vacuum
  • ~40°C @ 700 mbar vacuum

When filtering hot liquids, the vacuum must be weaker than when filtering room temperate or lukewarm liquids. 

In addition to the vacuum filtration unit and the sample to be filtered, you need a vacuum source and tubing to perform filtration.

The vacuum source can be generated with a pump. If the pump cannot forward liquids, it can be damaged if liquids enter the pump. Therefore, it is recommended to use a water trap and suction flask.

You can filter samples > 1 by using several filtration units or several bottles for one bottle-top filter. You can either use Sartolab bottles that are sold separately or glass bottles certified for vacuum filtration.

Glass is brittle. Therefore, it is mandatory to use only glass bottles that are certified for use with vacuum filtration units. It is safer to use plastic bottles like the Sartolab bottles made of polystyrene.

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See how vacuum bottle-top filters Sartolab® RF with a pore size of 0.1 μm can effectively remove the mycoplasma strains A. laidlawii and M. hyorhinis....

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User Guide

Sartolab® RF|BT Vacuum Filtration Units

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