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The New and Improved Sartolab® RF|BT

Sartolab® RF|BT vacuum filtration units are convenient filtration devices designed for research purposes and, therefore, for filtration of small volumes from > 50 mL to 1 L.

  • Sartolab® RF as a complete system includes a receiver flask attached to the filtration funnel. 
  • Sartolab® BT is a bottle-top filter, which is a filtration funnel without a receiver flask, enabling customers to use their own receiver flasks and/or to increase the filtration capacity depending on the particulate load of their liquid samples by filling more than one receiver flask.

Key Benefits:

  • Large filtration area for the highest flow rates
  • No loss of protein thanks to a low protein affinity membrane
  • Low hold-up volume due to an optimized membrane support
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit or with the Sartolab® MultiStation, which allows parallel filtration of up to 6 samples

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Further Sartolab® Filtration Products

Filtration of 50 mL Samples in a Few Seconds

The Right Product for Care-Free Filtration of Small Volumes

Sartolab® RF 50 vacuum filtration units are single-use units designed for the filtration of sample volumes of up to 50 mL. They are available either with an asymmetric 0.22 or 0.45 µm polyethersulfone membrane that provides the fastest flow rates and ensures lowest protein binding as well as low extractables. The 0.22 µm version is ideal for sterile filtration of cell cultures, buffers and aqueous solutions; the 0.45 µm for clarification.

Key Benefits:

  • Highest flow rates with a large filtration surface
  • No loss of protein with low protein affinity membrane
  • Low dead volume due to optimized membrane support
  • Minimized risk of contamination with a complete ready-to-use unit
  • Designed as standalone system, or for parallel filtration of up to 6 samples with Sartolab® Multistation

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Unique: Hands-free Filtration of Multiple Samples

Sartolab® Multistation - for Parallel Filtration of up to 6 Samples

Sartolab® Multistation is a stand uniquely designed to hold 1 to 6 vacuum filtration units, allowing simultaneous filtration of up to 6 samples. Easily install your vacuum filtration units in the Multistation for quick and easy filtration without the need for installation of extra connectors and time-consuming stabilization of units. Sartolab® Multistation works with the Sartolab® RF|BT vacuum filtration units for the filtration of 50 mL to 1 L samples.

Key Benefits:

  • Hands-free filtration
  • One single vacuum source enables simultaneous filtration of up to 6 samples
  • Time-saving - no installation time for each filter unit before use

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Experience a 360° View of the Sartolab® Multistation

Sirion Biotech GmbH Testimonial

The team at Sirion Biotech GmbH, a leading viral vector manufacturer based in Germany, is using the Sartoclear Dynamics®️ Lab and Multistation to achieve clarification within minutes while simultaneously filtering up to 6 L, significantly accelerating their upstream processes.

"As a leading viral-vector manufacturer, we strive to produce the highest quality rAAVs in the shortest possible time. Isolating rAAVs from crude cell-lysates typically requires centrifugation and/or PEG precipitation – steps which are time consuming, labor intensive and generate a lot of plastic waste. The single-use Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Filter kits has enabled us to streamline our upstream processes. The crude-lysates are directly filtered over Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Filter kits. Clarification is achieved within a few minutes and the Multistation set-up allows us to simultaneously filter up to 6 L. The rAAV-recoveries using Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab products are remarkably high, surpassing what we obtain using in-depth filtration. Moreover, lysates clarified using Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab are instantly ready for our downstream processes including affinity capture by FPLC. Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab, along with the Multistation, have greatly improved our workflow."

- Kimchi Strasser, PhD., Team Lead for Process Development at Sirion Biotech GmbH (a Perkin Elmer company)

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