Sartorius Minisart® syringe filters

Industry leading designs for all your syringe filter needs!


Sartorius Minisart® syringe filters are the No. 1 choice for sterile filtration, analytical  sample preparation, and clarification of media additives, buffers, chemical reagents, drugs and even gases!  Innovative design features, coupled with the largest surface areas and fastest flow rates make Minisart® syringe filters the ideal choice for all your syringe filtration needs.

  • High total throughput
  • Biggest effective filtration area (EFD) of 6.2 cm2
  • Superior flow rate
  • Gamma irradiated, EO sterilized, or, non-sterile and bulk packed
  • Many configurations available
  • 100% optical integrity tested

Exceptionally pure syringe filtration for Analytics

Sartorius Minisart® syringe filters with Polypropylene housing: Reliable removal of particles from liquids and gases

Particle removal via filtration prior to analytics substantially increases the lifetime of your columns. Syringe filtration represents the easiest and fastest method for small scale, precision solution filtration prior to column chromatography. Sartorius is proud to offer a number of innovative, fast, yet chemically stable syringe filter options. Minisart® RC is optimized for aqueous liquids, solvents & chemicals of all sorts. Minisart® NY is exceptionally fast and pure compared to competitor products and perfect for analytical standard operations. Minisart® SRP’s coating-free hydrophobic PTFE membrane is suitable for venting applications and leachable free clarification needed for aggressive liquids. In addition Minisart® PES offers a combination of PES membrane and PP housing and has a higher chemical compatibility than PES in MBS housing. Some of our key benefits include:

  • Low adsorption of analytes
  • Maximum chemical compatibility
  • Minimum extractables or leachables

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Optimal Liquid Clarification & Sterilization!

Sartorius Minisart® syringe filters with Acrylic-based housing: Ideal for liquid cleanup & sterilization

Sterilization by filtration is the fastest solution for bacterial cell removal from liquids with minimal effect on the ingredients. For optimal results Minisart® filters made of acrylic-based MBS housing provide a choice of membranes with pore sizes ranging from 0.1 µm to 5 µm for high flow rates and lowest adsorption characteristics. The effective filtration area of 6.2 cm2 for fastest filtration is the biggest amongst premium syringe filters. Minisart® with acrylic-based housing can be sterilized by ethylene oxide (EO) or gamma irradiation and are suitable for adhesive attachment and assembly to tubing making it easily user configurable to almost any setup. Some key benefits include:

  • High total throughput
  • Low absorption
  • PVC-free
  • 100% optical integrity tested
  • Bidirectional use possible

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Highest total throughput by pure Glass Fiber prefilters

Sartorius Minisart® NML Plus and Minisart® NY Plus: Optimal for highly particle-laden samples

Minisart® syringe filters with glass fiber (GF) prefilter are optimized for highly particle-laden liquids. The GF prefilter protects the membrane filter from early clogging and increases total throughput. Two different setups are available. One with acrylic-based housing and SFCA (surfactant-free cellulose acetate) membrane is designed for aqueous and oily solutions. The second version with PP (polypropylene) housing and NY (nylon=polyamide) membrane has a broad chemical compatibility.

  • Highest GF depth-filter capacity
  • Superior flow rate
  • Purest quartz prefilter for analytical tests
  • Three different pore sizes
  • GF-only versions

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