Reliable Sartorius Syringe Filters

Over 120 different syringe filter product codes provide one of the widest choices to optimally meet your application requirements, from medical device sterile filtration to research use cell culture purposes.

Manufactured under high ISO standards in full automation to bring high-quality reliability and designed to offer some of the best membrane areas to plastic housing ratios for fast and efficient filtrations whilst minimizing environmental impacts. 

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Minisart® Syringe Filter Family

The trusted choice for reliable, efficient preparation steps

Ensure the quality of your filtrate after sterile filtration or particulate clarification with reliable ISO® 9001 and ISO® 13485 for medical device versions, manufactured devices, and world-famous, in-house membrane manufacturing

  • Low extractables
  • Low binding
  • Fast processing 

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Minisart syringe filters

Minisart® PP Syringe Filters​

Sample preparation for analytics

Minisart® PP Syringe Filters offer essential elimination of particles from the sample prior to HPLC | UHPLC | ICP-MS or other chromatographic analysis, in addition to chemically robust polypropylene housing with inert, PTFE, RC, or Nylon membrane options.

  • Wide range of filter areas; 0.07 cm2, 1.7 cm2 and 4.8 cm2
  • Maximum chemical resistance
  • Low extractables

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Minisart® NML Syringe Filters​

Sterile filtration, clarification, and particle removal

Minisart® NML Syringe Filters provide the optimal method for clarification and sterilization of liquids, robustly removing bacteria and particles, without any impact on product quality or loss of target molecule.

  • Superior filter areas up to 6.2 cm2
  • 0.1µm to 5µm pore sizes
  • Low adsorption characteristics

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CE-Minisart® Syringe Filters​

For medical use

Sartorius CE-Minisart® syringe filters are the perfect choice for pharmacy admixture applications like sterile filtration and | or clarification of low volume solutions in a laboratory environment before use for patient care.

  • Low adsorption
  • Biocompatible acc. to ISO 10993-1
  • Gamma irradiated or EO sterilized

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Sartorius Syringe Filters Offer:

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Industry Leading Designs

Chemically resistance syringe filters for analytical sample prep, low binding membrane materials for biologics and both Gamma Irradiation and Ethylene Oxide sterilized device options. 

Optimised Membrane Areas

Highest membrane surface areas in larger devices for fast & easy filtration of large volumes, with reduced membrane areas in smaller devices for minimum hold up of precious samples.

High Quality, Reliable Devices

Automated manufacturing and in-process controls for both research use and medical device Minisart® device options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Syringe filters are single-use filtration devices that are made up of a membrane, or combination of membranes, placed inside molded housing. The connections on the device are commonly Luer lock or Luer slip and enable a quick connection to syringes, that are used to pass the liquid sample through the filter.

There are multiple membrane types, pore sizes, and housing material variants.

Syringe filters are chosen based upon suitability to a user's application. Syringe filters are typically split in five categories, based upon the user applications:

  1. Analytical sample preparation filters
  2. General clarification and sterile filtration filters
  3. CE mark Medical Device filters
  4. Specialty filters, such as those with activated carbon and
  5. Venting filters for air and gases

Syringe filters are typically single-use and should not be reused as syringe filter performance is based upon the first filtration. Reuse may negatively impact performance and sample results, due to causing cross-contamination, loss of sample, or blockage due to membrane fouling. However, reusable syringe filter holders are available that utilize replaceable membranes.

There are several methods of sterilization, such as gamma irradiation, e-beam, ethylene oxide gas exposure, and autoclaving. It is recommended to use devices pre-sterilized by the manufacturer if sterilization is required, to ensure performance and certified sterilization. Alternatively, some devices may be autoclaved in the lab, but this should be checked for each device.

Primary uses of syringe filters are the general clarification of particles from a liquid or air/gas samples, the sterile filtration of a sample to remove bacteria, the removal of particles and suspended solids prior to analytics such as HPLC. Syringe filters may also be used for gas venting, allowing clean, sterile air to pass through in vessels such as bioreactors.

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How to Test the Integrity of Your Syringe Filters

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Minisart® Syringe Filters for HPLC Sample Preparation

See how Sartorius Minisart® PP filters reliably remove particles from your samples without adding unwanted extractables or leachables.

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