End-To-End AAV Gene Therapy Solutions

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Adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapies have potential to transform the way we treat certain diseases. But to deliver them successfully, robust and cost-effective production is critical.

Bring your therapy to market faster and affordably with end-to-end solutions that deliver reproducible performance and scalability with a simplified path to regulatory approvals.

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AAV Gene Therapy Workflow

Solutions for Process Development and Manufacturing

Explore AAV gene therapy solutions to simplify progress in every step of your workflow.

Solutions For AAV Workflow

Featured Products

Transfection Reagents and pDNA

Increase AAV titer and particle quality with optimized transfection reagents and plasmids. 

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HEK293 Media

Generate high yield and titer with scalable and widely compatible media.

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Sartoclear® Depth Filters

Remove turbidity, increase AAV yield, and scale up easily with high-capacity and low-adsorption filters. 

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Biowelder® TC Sterile Welding Device

Preserve sterility during connection and disconnection throughout your biomanufacturing process.

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TFF Cassettes

Increase viral vector recovery using low adsorption membranes with MWCO ranging 30 to 300kDa, available in closed, presterilized units.

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Celsius® FFT Freezing Solution

Manage your entire cold chain with confidence – from filling and freezing to shipping, thawing, and dispensing.

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Univessel® 2 L Bioreactor

Optimize your therapy for larger volumes with a fully scalable, single-use bioreactor. 

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Sartopore® 2 XLG Filter

Achieve a sterile product by using a high-efficiency, low-adsorption, and robust filter to maximize yield.

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Flexsafe® 2D Bags

Protect your product during storage and shipping for sterile filtration, media preparation, sampling, and fluid transfer steps.

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CIMmultus® Monolithic Chromatographic Columns

Purify AAV vectors with convective chromatography columns that enable effective empty full capsid separation.

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Validation Services | Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Address regulatory challenges with validation services trusted by the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Plasmid DNA (pDNA) Production

Discover solutions for every step of plasmid DNA manufacturing, from bacteria to final filtration.

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More About AAV Gene Therapy From Sartorius


Using High-Throughput and DoE Tools to Develop DSP Technology for AAV

Learn how an optimized DSP platform can improve process development timelines and manufacturing complexity in AAV gene therapy.

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Navigating Upstream AAV Production for Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Your checklist from research and development to clinical and commercial production.

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Switching from Bottles to Bags: Robust by Design

Weigh the pros and cons of bottles and single-use bags with help from our experts.

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Screen, Optimize, and Characterize Your Viral Vector Production

Learn early PD strategies that enhance clinical-stage production of AAV and LV.

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Octet® AAVX Biosensors for Rapid and Direct Quantitation of AAV Capsids
Application Note

Rapid and Direct Quantitation of AAV Capsids

Learn about a workflow for rapid, direct, and label-free quantitation of AAV capsids in crude and purified samples.

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Application Note

The Journey to AAV Production in Suspension: Scaling-Up Your Process

See how using suspension HEK cultures can make your scale-up more robust.

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AAV Gene Therapy Courses From Sartorius Academy


Upstream Viral Vector Processing

Get insight on market trends, needs, and challenges related to AAV, LV, and AdV upstream processing.

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Downstream Viral Vector Processing

Learn more about viral vector purification including chromatography, filtration, and more, along with analytics and market trends.

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