Sartoflow® Smart Small-Scale Benchtop TFF System

Smart and Easy — The TFF System for Process Development

The Sartoflow® Smart is a modular and flexible small-scale TFF benchtop system optimized for ultrafiltration and diafiltration applications used in many downstream processes, such as purification of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. The system is well-suited to laboratory environments for process development and clinical trials as well as small batch cGMP production.

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Excellent flexibility

Ideal for membrane surface areas from 50 cm2 to 0.14 m2 with optional customization features

Intuitive and user-friendly

Easy-to-use out of the box with predefined sequences

High product yields

Low shear 4-piston membrane pump and very compact 20 mL recirculation volume for maximum yield

Excellent Flexibility

The Sartoflow® Smart is a modular and flexible small-scale system with many customization options:

  • External diafiltration pump
  • Sartocon® Slice 50 cassette holder
  • Sensors for pH, conductivity and temperature
  • External permeate balance up to 64 kg (vs 7 kg standard)
  • Recirculation and/or permeate holder for Flexboy® bags
  • IQ/OQ execution package 
  • Basic qualification test documentation 
  • cGMP documentation

Intuitive Operation With Predefined Production Sequences

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, operators can use predefined parameters to automatically run customized sequences for concentration, diafiltration (UF | DF), rinsing, filling, draining and flushing steps.

Pivotal for Process Scalability

The Sartoflow® Smart TFF system is the ideal tool for developers establishing and refining process parameters in scale-up and scale-down studies.

  • Low minimum sample volume
  • Low minimum recirculation volume
  • Easy data access
  • Full transferability of process parameters to large-scale systems

Sartoflow® Smart Overview

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General Specification 



~35 kg (77 lbs.)


602 × 440 × 610 mm

System Specification 

Membrane Area 

50 cm² , 200, 400 cm², 0.14 m²

Recirculation Vessel VolumePSU vessel with stirrer: 1 L 
Flexboy® single-use bags: 150 - 1,000 L

Flow Rate

1–100 L/h @ 3 bar (43.5 psi)

Minimum Recirculation Volume

< 20 mL

Automation Level 

Semi automated

Process Mode (Multi-Use/ Single-Use) 


cGMP Available  


Max Pressure 

3 bar (43.5 psi)

Temperature Control 

No, monitoring only

Wetware Specification 

Tube ID





Pressure (in line: feed, permeate, retentate) Conductivity, pH, temperature ( in PSU vessel)

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