Ambr® Crossflow - The High Throughput Solution for Parallel Screening

Ambr® Crossflow provides early development stages access to molecule behavior related to viscosity, buffer composition, shear stress and performance in TFF processes. It enables important additional criteria for candidate selection and study factors

  • Study factors for manufacturability
  • Up to 16 automated, parallel trials
  • Lowest process volumes – 5 mL recirculation volume

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A Small Scale, High Throughput Automated System

The High Throughput Solution for Parallel Screening

A small scale, high throughput automated system enables a greater number of molecule | buffer combinations and process control conditions to be investigated. As a result early stage R&D productivity and efficiency will be improved significantly while cost per experiment is reduced.

Ambr® Crossflow is a benchtop TFF system optimised for ultrafiltration and diafiltration applications. It is a small scale screening system with a minimum recirculation volume of 5 mL and a dedicated new range of Ambr® CF filter cassettes with 10 cm² membrane area. The Ambr® CF Adapter Kit SC50 accessory also enables the use of Sartocon® Slice 50 cassettes with 50 cm² membrane area. Parallel operation is achieved with 4 independent crossflow channels per module, with up to 4 modules managed by one control station. This means Ambr® Crossflow is capable of performing membrane screenings with up to 16 Ambr® CF filters simultaneously.

Intuitive hardware and software design ensures that the system is easy to set up and easy to use, while full system automation ensures reliable process control and reduced manual intervention.

Flexibility for Automated Processing

Expand your Ambr® Crossflow system and tailor it to your actual demand with 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels.

Each Ambr® Crossflow module consists of four independent crossflow channels, and up to 4 modules can be managed by one control station. This enables you to perform membrane screening with up to 16 Ambr® CF filters and 32 diafiltration buffers.

Increase R&D Productivity

Ambr® Crossflow can be used as a ranking tool, to optimise, for example:

  • Process conditions, e.g. TMP or flowrate
  • Processing conditions, e.g. buffer type or volumes required
  • PH and | or conductivity values

Ambr® CF Adapter Kit

The Ambr® CF Adapter Kit SC50 enables the use of Sartocon® Slice 50 with Ambr® Crossflow systems from software release R8.29. The reusable adapter kit is designed to accommodate four Sartocon® Slice 50 cassettes. One adapter kit connects to one four-channel Ambr® Crossflow system module.

Intuitive design of the Ambr® CF Adapter Kit SC50 ensures quick and error free assembly to the Ambr® Crossflow system.

This means Ambr® Crossflow is now capable of performing membrane screenings with up to 16 Sartocon® Slice 50 modules simultaneously.

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Ambr® Crossflow Overview

Intuitive Control Software

Control Functions

System control is fully automated therefore requires minimal manual intervention when in operation. The 21” touch screen control system displays all process information allowing for user-friendly operation, even when editing the process on the fly.

Process Sequences

Recipe design is intuitive with drag-and-drop preprogrammed phases and is also flexible, allowing users to design their own phases and recipes from scratch. Each channel operates independently with individual control of process conditions, set points and control strategy. Ambr® Crossflow software can additionally be installed on user PCs to enable writing of process sequences at your desk, before transferring to the control system.

Data Acquisition

Data is automatically collected and stored within the experiment folder. Experiment data can be viewed on the control system, or on a user PC with the Ambr® Crossflow software installed. Alternatively, data can be exported as .csv files.


Datasheet: Ambr® Crossflow - The high throughput solution for parallel screening

PDF | 653.5 KB

Application Note: Optimization of EnPCs® Purification With Ambr® Crossflow and MODDE®

PDF | 11.2 MB

Application Note: Applications of an Automated High Throughput Crossflow System for Ultrafiltration Process Development to Assess Manufacturability of Monoclonal Antibodies

PDF | 1.2 MB

Application Note: Evaluation of an Automated High Throughput Crossflow System as a Small-Scale Model of Bench Top Crossflow Filtration in Formulation Studies of Monoclonal Antibodies

PDF | 358.6 KB

Application Note: Optimizing diafiltration parameters for maximum recovery of a bispecific antibody using low process volumes and an automatedhigh throughput crossflow system

PDF | 227.8 KB

Application Note: Qualification of an automated, high throughput crossflow system as a scale-down model for ultrafiltration and diafiltration process development

PDF | 1.1 MB

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