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In battery production, total ion-free water is mandatory for preparing water-based slurries and samples or simply rinsing the battery cases to avoid interferences on the charged poles. A common method of producing ion-free water is distillation, but this method is usually associated with high energy costs. Ion exchange is a significantly lower cost alternative. The ion exchange cartridges usually contain both negatively and positively charged resins to remove charged ions to a conductivity of 0.055 µS/cm.

Sample preparation or rinsing in sensitive analytical applications has an additional requirement for low-TOC water without impurities that might interfere with results.

Sartorius Arium® water purification systems offer a wide range of options to meet your laboratory water needs regarding quality (ultrapure, pure or Reverse Osmosis water), daily volume usage and flexibility.

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Deionized Water Solutions for Rechargeable Battery Applications

Water-Based Slurry for Anode & Cathode

Slurry deposited on the electrodes of lithium-ion (LIB) batteries is usually composed of a mixture of active powder, conductive carbon black, binder and solvents. Solvents, such as NMP, are removed (and recycled) by evaporation and require working in dry rooms. Aside from toxicity and potential flammability, solvents can consume over 50% of the energy of the entire electrode manufacturing process.

In place of solvents, ultrapure water combined with suitable binder can lower manufacturing costs, ease recycling of the active material components and be kinder to the planet.  

As a reliable source of ultrapure water, the Arium® Pro UV TOC offers a flexible and modular system. All systems meet and exceed the ASTM Type 1 water quality standards and ensure reproducible results in their class. Up to 2L of consistently high-quality ion-free water with a conductivity of 0.055 µS/cm (18,2 MΩ × cm) can be dispensed per minute.

  • System selection specifically for your application
  • Perfect integration into any laboratory
  • Display with touch function and intuitive menu
  • Favorites function with direct access for recurring volumes

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Feed Application Like Washing Machines 

Several instruments and systems require feed water for regular operations. Because of impurities, standard tap water is not sufficient and must be purified to reduce the possibility of calcification or avoid ionic contamination.

  • Feed ultrapure water systems
  • Feed distilled systems
  • Water for washing machines

The Arium® Advance EDI and Arium® Advance RO systems reliably remove oxidants, heavy metal ions and particles from the feed water, with an optimal water yield thanks to the iJust® Software.

The Arium® Advance RO produces high-quality reverse osmosis water with a production flow rate of up to 24L/h.

The Arium® Advance EDI consistently delivers Type 2 water of a high quality at rates of up to 10 L/h. Moreover, the Advance EDI attains a high retention rate of ions with the latest EDI technology.

Pure water is stored, while protected from secondary contamination in the innovative, closed Arium® Bagtank. The Bagtank technology comes with an optional pump and up to 100L storage capacity, allowing prompt withdrawing. The Bag is exchangeable and does not require cleaning, reducing down-time.

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Ultrapure Water for General Lab Applications

Ultrapure water is necessary for numerous lab applications, including preparing samples, rinsing glassware, as well as creating instrument blanks, calibration curves, and standard solutions for spectrometry and other applications. Battery production and recycling requires water that is free of conductive elements.

Compact Arium® Mini laboratory water systems have been designed for Type 1 ultrapure water requirements of 10 liters per day and are ideal for sample preparation in analytical laboratory procedures. Connect the Arium® Mini Plus, Mini Essential or Mini to your mains or pretreated water line, or fill up the integrated Arium® Bag from bottled pretreated water (no water connection needed).

  • Consistent high water quality for reliable and reproducible results
  • Touch-activated color display with direct access to all important dispensing options
  • Unique Bagtank technology (depending on system) omits time-intensive tank cleaning
  • Space-saving, with a width of only 28 cm

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Supporting Products

Arium Smart Station

Arium® Smart Station Water Dispensing System

Flexible Arium® Smart Station can dispense water, in the quality and quantities required for your experiments, when and where you need it.

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Arium® Bagtank

Arium® Bagtank

A closed system to store your purified water and protect it from secondary contamination. No chemical cleaning required, no down time.

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Arium® Water Purification Systems

Arium® laboratory-grade water purification systems with added value.

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Arium® Mini

Compact ultrapure water systems for 10 liters per day.

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Arium® Smart Station

The most flexible solution for dispensing pure and ultrapure water.

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