Data Analytics in the Energy Industry

Improving Efficiency for Heat and Sustainability in Steam and Power Generation

Data analytics can help power plant and boiler operators save millions in expenses, significantly cut emissions and expand the working life of equipment. Optimizing the function of boilers, turbines and other power and heat generation equipment requires a careful balance among many variables such as fuel consumption, output, air flow, water pressure, and many more. Finding the right settings requires understanding the interactions.

In many cases, the existing data from power facility operations can be used make emission reductions or improve energy efficiency without the need for new equipment. Data analytics software reveals the optimal operational settings and gives engineers and operators confidence in their actions.

Data Analytics Helps Reduce Emissions

Reducing environmental pollution and complying with emission regulations and permits is paramount for power generation facilities. Sometimes the operational settings that improve energy efficiency can have a negative impact on emissions. Data analytics software can help you find the sweet spot between operational efficiency and reduced NOx emissions, also considering CO emissions, at far less cost than purchasing capital equipment such as scrubbers.

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Reduce Fuel Costs

Every boiler, turbine and furnace can have different interacting variables that influence efficiency and fuel consumption. Finding the right balance between influencing factors can have a huge impact on overall power plant performance. Data analytics software helps you understand which parameters and settings have the most influence under specific operating conditions, such as high or low load.

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Predict Equipment Lifetime

Data analytics software can help you predict equipment performance. Using sensor and historic functional data, you can create models that predict potential failure, lifespan and maintenance needs. With online monitoring and real-time data analytics, you have the essential knowledge to reduce unplanned downtimes or plan for replacements.

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What Data Analytics Delivers

Data analytics can help power generation facilities:

  • Reduce emissions without new capital equipment
  • Improve efficiency while reducing fuel costs
  • Extend the life of equipment
  • Predict equipment lifespan
  • Support operator training with actionable data

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