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From integrating diagnostic disposable components to kitting, assembling or automation. Products move through development and production pipelines with tight tolerances, quality thresholds and timelines.

We strive to help you tailor user/patient solutions to meet the highest quality standards. Focus on your core business and let Sartorius serve you as a best-in-class supplier and one-stop solution provider.

Focus on your core business and let Sartorius serve you as best-in-class supplier.

PharmTech’s On-demand Webinar: Introduction to High Resolution Integrated Weighing 

In this presentation we look at the type of products that are available to support projects where high resolution weight determination is essential and what needs to be considered when designing a system that requires an integrated solution.

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Why Partner with Sartorius?

Consistent High Quality

150 Years of German engineering, innovation and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Careful selection of raw materials, well-planned and validated production technologies, resulting in high lot-to-lot reproducibility.

Strict Quality Management

We are ISO 9001 certified and have implemented a certified ISO 13485 Quality Management System for several manufacturing sites.

We guarantee a stable and clean manufacturing process with strict environmental controls in place.

OEM and System Integrators Stay Flexible

Relying on a partner with a strong track record in key technologies (weighing, filtration, liquid handling and water purification) will complement your in-house expertise, whether you are a medical device manufacturer, system integrator or an engineering firm.  You remain agile and focus on what counts, staying one step ahead of the competition.

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Contract Manufacturing Applications for Medical Devices

By combining our technology leadership and manufacturing excellence with your unique requirements, we can help you find the best performance and design characteristics for your individual product requirement.

Eliminate the need for developing new solutions. Count on our proven and validated solutions to keep you agile, facilitate your quality management, accelerate your time-to-market and ease the scalability of your production processes.

Sartorius supplies customers with a wide variety of microporous flat membrane filters in multiple pore sizes/diameters or formats to meet customer application needs. Benefit from 90 years of filter membrane expertise and select your membrane of choice: 

  • Cellulose Nitrate, Cellulose Acetate, Regenerated Cellulose
  • Polyethersulfone, Hydrophopic Polyethersulfone
  • Polyamide, Polytetrafloroethylene
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 - certified Quality Management System

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Featured Filtration Products

Industry Leading Syringe Filters

Custom-Made Syringe Filters - Sartorius Premium Filters for Sterilfiltration, Clarification and Particle Removal from Liquid Gases 

Sartorius syringe filters made of Polypropylene housing and a membrane filter feature maximum chemical compatibility and minimum extractables to ensure excellent results.

Sartorius filters made of acrylic housing provide high flow rates and low adsorption characteristics. This housing type is color‐coded, e.g. for easy pore size identification.

  • Ready-to-use, pre-sterilized and single-packed units 
  • Wide selection of pore sizes, membrane material and diameter
  • Individually integrity tested
  • Biocompatible according to ISO 10993-1 for CE-Minisart

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Fastest Ultrafiltration on the Market

Sartorius offers the most comprehensive range of ultrafiltration process methods for the purification and concentration of your biological and inorganic samples, e.g. proteins, viruses and nanoparticles.

Centrifugal Concentration

  • Highest target recoveries in the fastest possible time
  • Unique choice of membranes for samples from 0.1 to 90 mL

Pressurized Concentration

  • Compressed gas or air provides the vector for ultrafiltration
  • Process single or sensitive samples with volumes from 5 to 98 mL

Crossflow (Tangential Flow)

  • Progressive concentration as sample is re-circulated over membrane surface
  • Eliminates membrane fouling for sample volumes from 0.1 to 5 L

Static Absorption

  • Absorbent cellulose pad draws solvents through the membrane
  • No additional equipment for starting volumes from 1 to 20 mL

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Membranes for In Vitro Diagnostics, Microarrays & OEM

Being the first industrial manufacturer of membranes, Sartorius has developed an unmatched expertise in the production of  microporous membranes. Our exceptional variety of OEM membranes allows you to select the best-performing items for your device. 

  • Nitrocellulose membranes are ideally suited for protein assays
  • Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes set new standards for liquid and gas filtration applications
  • Utilized in medical device applications

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Error-Proof Automation

Let our solutions provide support where practical, repetitive processes such as check weighing, dispensing or filling are best handled by automated systems. Automation in production enables high-throughput, fast turnaround times, reduced errors and increased reproducibility.

Our experts are happy to support you in finding the most suitable solution for your needs. By combining our technology leadership and manufacturing excellence with your unique requirements, we can help you find the best performance for your production systems.

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Featured Process Automation Products

Integrated Weighing Cells

For lab and process applications, Sartorius will engineer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) weigh cells and load cells for integration of a force or weighing sensor into your plant equipment or machine. We offer weigh cells featuring electromagnetic force compensation and electronic modules that can be installed in or connected to other equipment requiring a weighing function.

  • Automated checking of volumes by weighing
  • High throughput, small footprint
  • Secured filling, assembling, dosing, closing and counting
  • Zero defect expectation

Explore OEM Weigh Cells

Robotic Dispensing Head

Select customizable components and products for accurate, precise and reliable liquid handling, tailored to your application.

The rLINE® Robotic Dispenser Module scores with an outstanding accuracy and reliability with the enhanced DC-motor concept, electronic brake system and optical sensor. Combination of the Liquid Level Sensor with conductive robotic tips enables detection of liquid surface in the target vessel. This prevents erroneous attempts to aspirate liquid before the liquid surface has been reached. 

  • Outstanding accuracy and reliability 
  • Off-the-shelf modules or tailored to fit specific applications

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Single-Use Buffer Tank for Filling Lines 

OctoPlus FF® can be configured with a large variety of components and connectors for a wide range of applications. 

  • Single-use alternative to traditional stainless steel “break tank “or “buffer tank” systems 

Explore Final Filling

Small Scale Sterile Air/Gas Filtration

Midisart®️ and Minisart®️ filter families are the clear choice for small scale sterile air/gas filtration applications. Trust in our products for critical applications like filling and transfer vessels.

  • Hydrophobic PTFE membrane
  • Autoclavable
  • 100% integrity tested

Explore Midisart® Filters

Sartorius provides simple solutions for ruling out contamination. This allows for the aseptic connection and disconnection of tubes, bags, bottles and sampling manifolds with validated closure. 

We help you implement effective solutions for your specific process requirements. Sterility assurance is given by adherence to our stringent validation regimes. Our consistent technology performance relies on robust designs, product validation, ease of use, qualification, maintenance and operator training services.

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Featured Aseptic Connection & Disconnection Products

Aseptic Connector & Disconnector

Robust, Easy-to-Use Connections & Disconnections

Quickseal® is installed on an array of tube materials including platinum-cured   silicone, C-Flex® and other thermoplastic elastomers. It is extensively tested, proven aseptic and exceptionally strong. 

  • Smart component on single-use tube, bag or bottle assembly
  • Sampling manifold, or on single-use bioreactors and more

Opta® SFT Sterile Connector is a single-use device that connects two separate, pre-sterilized components in manufacturing processes.

  • Easy-to-use and backed by extensive validation 
  • 100% in-house integrity tested

Clipster® Aseptic Disconnector is a single-use device that aseptically disconnects tubing while maintaining product sterility.

  • Aseptic disconnection in non-classified and classified environments 
  • Can be applied to multiple tubing types and sizes

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Customized Solutions for Your Handling, Sampling, Preparation Requirements

When off-the shelf doesn't work for you, Sartorius can offer a wide range of OEM or Private Label products tailored to your needs, whether customized  stand-alone branded and packaged products, or components to be integrated into your equipment. 

We offer an extensive portfolio of user-friendly filtration devices, membranes, weigh cells and dispensing solutions, as well as connecting and disconnecting technologies.

  • Pre-assembled,  ready-to-use filtration devices
  • CE-approved final devices (some restrictions apply) 
  • Custom syringe filters (non CE-marked) as components
  • Custom ultrafiltration devices
  • Custom mechanical and electronic pipettes
  • Custom membranes 
  • Integrated balances
  • Integrated pipettes 
  • Fully integrated service contracts

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Featured Customized Components Products

Custom Membranes in a Variety of Formats

As the first industrial manufacturer of membranes, Sartorius has developed an unmatched expertise in the production of microporous membranes. Our exceptional variety of OEM membranes allows you to select the best-performing membrane for your device.

  • Nitrocellulose membranes are ideally suited for protein assays
  • Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes set new standards for liquid and gas filtration applications
  • Utilized in medical device applications

Explore OEM Membranes & Devices

Custom Pipettes

IVD kit manufacturers often integrate pipettes into sample prep routines to ensure uniformity of results. 

Sartorius handheld pipettes will elevate your users’ pipetting experience with the state-of-the-art and ergonomic pipetting benefits they want most.

  • Eliminates user-based variance 
  • Allows for pre-programmed workflows
  • Continuous technical support for easy integration
  • Disposable tips available for complete systems
  • Global service, calibration and support network

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Integrated Balances

Sartorius manufactures a wide range of weighing cells for integration into any machinery or instrumentation where it is important to capture accurate and reproduceable weighing data. 

  • Featuring the latest electromagnetic force compensation technology
  • Weight capacities up to 8.2kg 
  • Readability from 0.01g to 1 µg

Sartorius weighing cells are exceptionally fast, robust and reliable and come in different configurations for easy installation into almost any application.

Explore OEM Weigh Cells

Simplified fluid handling

Ready-to-use transfer sets and safe storage bags offer flexibility and facilitate the transfer of critical fluids or drugs.

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Featured Transfer - Transport - Storage Products

Tuflux® TPE & SIL

For transfers between single-use, multi-use or hybrid systems, Tuflux® is the right solution. With Tuflux® Tubing, you benefit from the purest Silicone and TPE  for the transfer of critical fluids, with excellent extractable/leachable profiles and the highest cleanliness and safety. 

  • Broad range of standards Tuflux® SIL & TPE
  • 7 internal dimensions from ⅛” (3.2 mm) to ¾” (19.1 mm)
  • Wall thickness from 1.6 to 4.8 mm

Explore Tuflux® Tubing

Flexsafe® 2D Bags in Shell for Liquid Handling & Shipping

Proven Flexsafe® 2D Pre-Designed Solutions (PDS) have been designed for all pharmaceutical fluid storage or sampling such as media, buffer, drug substance and drug product. You can rely on Flexsafe® to provide safe and convenient storage for your most critical drug substances.  

  • Versatile range from 20mL to 50L
  • For sterile filtration, storage, and transfer of all pharmaceutical fluids

Explore Flexsafe® 2D Bags

Mycap Bottle Closures

MyCap® Bottle Closure - Designed for You

Mycap® bottle closure systems make customized, affordable molded bottle closures available to everyone. Mycap® bottle closures are one-piece, ready-to-use and single-use aseptic fluid transfer systems for bottles.

  • Platinum-cured silicone seal
  • Diverse range of capabilities and configurations
  • Fit almost any bottle, flask, tube or rigid container with a screw cap
  • Can be designed to meet individual requirements

Mycap® expands capabilities, removes uncertainty and eases validation.   

Explore Mycap® Bottle Closures

Biosafe Bags & Rapid Transfer Port

Biosafe® simplifies transfer of closure components, ensuring an aseptic transfer. With the robust design and proven performance of the Biosafe® RTP (Rapid Transfer Port) system, you can secure and simplify the transfer of your components, monitoring tools and liquids into your isolated line. Biosafe® bags are available in RTU (Ready to Use) and RTS (Ready to Sterilize) options that already contain stoppers from your supplier - and in RTF (ready to fill) options for processing stoppers at your facility. 

Explore Biosafe Bags & Rapid Transfer Ports

Optimize Your Manufacturing Processes with Actionable Insights
Use data analytics software to develop robust, high-quality products, continually improve processes and maintain control during manufacturing. These tools support regulatory compliance, enable digital transformation and facilitate quality by design.

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Featured Data Analytics Products

Optimize Raw Material Selection, Processes & Control

Umetrics® Suite helps you drive digital transformation and Pharma 4.0. The data analytics solutions help harness the wealth of data within your organization, identifying vital elements to improve the results of your research, development and manufacturing processes. With improved process understanding and more consistent product quality, you will be able to reduce risk, be faster to market and grow your business.

  • Develop robust products and processes
  • Minimize amount of experiments 
  • Find substitute raw materials
  • Optimize batch processes 
  • Ensure faster troubleshooting 
  • Reduce risk of costly downtime 
  • Address process deviations in real-time 
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Full backwards traceability of predictions 
  • SIMCA® can be used to evaluate Post Market Surveillance data

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Contract Manufacturing Resources

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Cubis®II: Pharma Filling: Automated Transfer of Liquids into Bags...

The Cubis® II's Pharma Filling controls a peristaltic pump according to a Filling Program for the transfer of liquids into receiving container(s).

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Vivaspin Tutorial: Choosing the Optimal Ultrafiltration Device

Learn how to choose the optimal ultrafiltration device for the purification and concentration of biological and inorganic samples.

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Service & Support

Global Life-Cycle Service Partner

As your global service partner, Sartorius provides comprehensive services for all laboratory products. Our certified and accredited services help to obtain compliant, reliable and accurate data over the product life cycle. 

  • Installation 
  • GMP | GLP qualification (IQ | OQ) 
  • Calibration services 
  • Preventive maintenance 
  • Service contracts
  • User training

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