In Process Control of Dispensing, Dosing or Missing Parts During Battery Production

Even small deviations in the composition of slurry components can alter the shelf life and the quality of the battery cells, possibly damaging the cell modules and packs latterly, after their integration in the OEM.

Sartorius engineers weigh cells as solutions for integration of a force or weighing sensor into production lines. Our weigh cells with electromagnetic force compensation and electronic interface for configuration and data transfer can be installed at different stages:

  • Checking of electrolyte, glue or gap filler dispensing heads
  • Dosing and mixing of slurry constituents
  • Control of correct assembly after stacking, dispensing or module assembly
  • Full process control during production

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Discover how integrated weighing and high resolution load cells can be incorporated into any battery manufacturing production and the importance of accurate and  reproduceable weighing data.

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Solutions for Your In Process Control Applications

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Checking of Electrolyte, Glue or Gap Filler Dispensing Heads

High-throughput dispensing applications are common in the battery industry for delivering electrolyte, gap fillers or glue. Dispensing heads must be metrologically controlled and adjusted according to the ambient conditions, density, or viscosity of the delivered liquids.

Our weigh cells with electromagnetic force compensation and interface for configuration and data transfer can be installed at different stages:

  • Designed for high-precision industrial applications; resolution of up to 0.001 mg
  • Configurable for accurate weighing of moving samples or unstable environments
  • Internal/external calibration weight for easy checks and necessary adjustments
  • Simple communication via the data interface

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Dosing of Slurry Constituents

Strict compliance to the slurry recipe is critical to ensuring perfect adhesion of the coating to the electrode foils and, therefore, extended battery life. However, variations in composition of both pure and recycled raw materials are inevitable across different batches, or suppliers.

Sartorius’ integrated weigh cells are ideal for gravimetric measurement of deviation from the target value of each component, and guiding the reformulation of slurry recipes.

  • Excellent monolithic weighing system with high resolution of up to 0.001 mg and fast stabilization time
  • Internal or external calibration weight for easy checks in automated environments
  • Control of the weighing cell via the interface
  • Chemical protection, easy to clean, stainless steel housing

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Control of Correct Assembly

Embedding weighing steps strategically along your battery production can detect missing components, ensure accurate dispensing, and enable perfect assembly of all systems, from stacking to module assembly.

In-line weighing controls identify deviations right when they happen, with high precision, allowing checking of 100% of products. Measurement accuracy can be adjusted to the product and the measurement time can be optimized using the integrated digital filter.

Sartorius Weigh Cells are ideal for collecting data quickly and alerting on deviations.

  • Excellent monolithic weighing system in stainless steel housing
  • Internal or external calibration weight for easy checks in automated environments
  • Adjustable load receptor with overload protection, optional lift-off protection
  • Accurate determination of even small mass differences

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Supporting Products

Explosion Proof Weighing Cells

Explosion Protected IP44 OEM-Weigh Cells

Explosion-protected weigh cells for use in hazardous areas suited for Zone 1 and 2 with gases of group IIC and temperature class T4.

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rLINE® Robotic Liquid Handling Dispenser Module

rLINE® Robotic Dispenser 200µl-module is ideal for dispensing electrolyte to small coin cells from battery research and material coating for Spin Coat...

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Entris® II Balances

Entris® II offers protection systems to ensure only valid data is transferred. It is easy to clean and minimizes weighing errors caused by electrostat...

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OEM Weigh Cells & High Resolution Load Cells

Integrators use weigh cells as a force or weighing sensor in production lines, industrial equipment, or other types of machines.

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High Resolution OEM Weigh Cells

High Resolution OEM Weigh Cells

The WZA-NC series provide a readability of 1 µg | 10 µg for a capacity of 20 g | 240 g. Designed in SS for space sensitive applications.

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High Resolution Load Cells, IP68

WZA25-NC has a capacity of 20 g with a readability of 10 µg in a small housing. Multiple weighing systems can be arranged in linear fashion.

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Lab Balances Integrated Weigh Cells Brochure

For Fast, Robust and Reliable Integration

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