Environmental | Water Testing 

Quality of Results – Test after Test

The potential health impact of pathogens or other contaminants in water makes the accuracy of your test results essential. With public safety in mind, your microbial analysis needs to deliver reliable results in compliance with regulations, test after test.

This is why Sartorius offers you a combination of highly reliable, easy-to-use and ergonomically friendly filtration products, air monitoring solutions and rapid technologies to provide you with dependable and reproducible results. 

We are committed to providing you with durable Quality by Design products that keep your cost of ownership low and add value to your processes by streamlining your workflows.

Microbial Enumeration

Advanced Colony Counting: All You Need

Choose the products best suited for your applications from our comprehensive range of membrane filters, filtration units, filtration systems and culture media. 

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Air Monitoring

Filtration or Impaction: Your Choice

Accurately detect airborne microorganisms or viruses using a validate method that eliminates adverse effects on your test area. Whether you prefer the gelatin membrane filtration method or the implication technique, the choice is yours. 

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Rapid Testing

DNA-based microbial testing of filterable samples

Sartorius offers you a combination of highly reliable and easy-to-use products for membrane filtration with subsequent DNA isolation, for your DNA-based assay of choice. 

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