Webinar: Navigating Risk and Challenges to Choose Optimal Intensified Approaches

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Selecting the Optimal Upstream and Downstream Intensification Strategy

As biological product pipelines become increasingly diverse, the ability to manage multiple molecule types and volumes while keeping costs low is becoming an industry standard for new biomanufacturing facilities. To stay competitive, most manufacturers look to intensifying upstream and downstream processes as a solution, but often they don’t know where to begin. 

In this webinar, we review the intensified processing needs of the industry and consider solutions using a decision criteria matrix to determine the optimal intensification strategy. We review intensified platform options from process development through manufacturing, including modular and scalable solutions that can increase productivity 4X while reducing upfront investment costs by 50%.

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Key Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to address bioprocess pain points by implementing intensified approaches.
  2. Gain a decision framework for selecting the right process intensification scenarios according to your goals.
  3. Discover how to select technologies from process development to scale up for maximum efficiency and faster implementation.

Meet Our Expert

Priyanka Gupta

Head of Market Entry Strategy, Protein-Based Therapeutics

Priyanka Gupta is the Head of Market Entry Strategy for Protein Based Therapeutics at Sartorius. Priyanka has almost 20 years of experience in process development. Her experience managing process modeling activities has afforded her a deep understanding of the economic impact of implementing Process Intensification for various modalities and scales. She has been with Sartorius since 2007, when she joined as a downstream process development specialist. Previously, Priyanka was a process development scientist at Amgen for over 4 years. She holds a master’s in chemical engineering. 

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