Microbial Bioreactors and Fermenters

The Biostat STR® Microbial, a single-use (SU) fermenter engineered for microbial applications, combines the advantages of SU with the performance of stainless-steel. It allows fast batch-to-batch turnover for high productivity and has a compact footprint. The Biobrain® automation platform supports stand-alone GMP tools and precise control. With working volumes up to 40 L, the Biostat STR® Microbial is ideal for developing and manufacturing high value products including pDNA, fAbs, recombinant proteins and vaccines.

Gain Robust Performance Similar to Stainless-Steel Systems

Achieve high growth rates, an OD600 of >300, a kLa of 675 1/h, stirring speeds at 500 rpm, efficient cooling, and high gas flow at (1.5vvm).

Increase Productivity and Project Throughput

Accelerate batch-to-batch turnover with a single-use design and ready-to-use Flexsafe STR® bags that negate extensive cleaning protocols.

Control and Automate Your Processes With Biobrain®

Gain advanced process automation and control of cultivation parameters with a proven GMP-ready system that integrates with your DCS.

Stay Flexible with a Modular Design and Setup

Save space with a versatile system that can acaccommodate either cell culture or microbial bag holders.

Engineered for Fermentation Processes

Engineered for Robustness and Speed

Designed for robust and easy process transfer and scaling of challenging microbial applications. Proven excellent performance KPIs of OD600 300, kLa1 of 675 1/h, and a specific growth rate of 0.15ℎ^ (−1) in E. coli cultivations.

  • Develop your E. coli processes within shorter timelines
  • Establish small-scale CM with increasing productivity
  • Simple to install and flexible
  • Ease processing through GMP-ready automation

Engineered for Seamless Process Transfer

Easy, unrestricted conversion from established stainless steel processes. Coupled with single-use Flexsafe® STR bags, allows easier waste disposal and reduction of contamination and operator risk.

  • Faster setup through Biobrain® GMP stand-alone capability
  • Run more projects per time through higher batch-to-batch turnover
  • Lower footprint, lesser installation time, and pipping

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Application Note

A Novel Fermenter for High Cell Density Microbial Cultures  

Evaluation of the Biostat STR® microbial bioreactor in a high cell density E. coli exponential fed-batch cultivation.

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Proven Superior Performance

Read a study that compares E-coli processes in the Biostat® STR with processes in stainless steel bioreactors.

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