Process Analytical Technology

Analytics and Sensors for Uni-/ Multi-variate Data Gathering: Real Time Monitoring & Control

Biopharmaceutical production processes have changed significantly due to overall titer improvements and the increasing development of single-use technologies. The introduction of robust and reliable single-use sensors further enhances the benefits of single-use processing concepts. They enable you to use Process Analytical Technology (PAT) approaches for effective automation and optimization.

PAT Toolbox

Risk Mitigation, Cost Savings, Capacity Adaption

Process Automation Platform and Software

Preconfigured modules to enable plug-and-play setup of advanced SCADA functionalities.

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Sensors and Analyzers

Indispensable tools within the BioPAT® framework, which generate the front end data on Critical Processing Parameters (CPP).

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Biomolecule Analysis Tools

At-line analytical solutions and innovative analytics for gene therapy and vaccines.

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Data Analytics Software

Advanced multivariate methods, ready to be integrated in your existing process control software BioPAT® MFCS.

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