Benchtop Bioreactors

Sartorius offers you scalable benchtop solutions for the development of your bioprocess. Whether you perform batch, fed-batch or perfusion processes, Sartorius has a wide range of stirred-tank bioreactors and fermenters. You can use our benchtop bioreactors for cell cultivation as well as for microbial fermentation. Autoclavable culture vessels are available from 1 L to 10 L and single use vessels of 250 mL and 2 L.

Always the Right Functionality for Your Specific Process Development Tasks

In process development, tasks can vary from defining the optimum process parameters to making material for downstream process or assay development or performing animal studies. Our Biostat® B tower controls up to two culture units completely independently. The culture units can include any combination from Univessel® Glass to Univessel® SU.

Our Biostat® B-DCU provides an unrivaled level of options making it the ideal scale-down model for your large-scale process.

The benchtop bioreactors combine innovative design for intuitive workflows with the technology of process analytical tools. Depending on your process needs, you will find an ideal bioreactor for your lab.

Increased Productivity with Simplified Operation

Ambr® 250 Modular is a small bioreactor with a maximum working volume of 250 mL designed for process characterization and optimization. This is an innovative easy-to-use benchtop bioreactor system that can be expanded from 2 to 8 bioreactor system, using fully integrated single-use 100 - 200 mL mini bioreactors. The system comprises a series of elegantly designed benchtop modules enabling 1 - 8 bioreactors to be operated in parallel and a control module with intuitive system software.

FAQs - Benchtop Bioreactors

A stirred tank bioreactor consists of a vessel with a defined height dimension ratio. Mixing is achieved through a central stirrer element inside the culture vessel. The stirrer is driven by a motor packed on the head plate. Furthermore there are multiple ports in the head plate that have different functionalities like probe insertions, substrat addition and gas insertion as well as the removal of samples.

They are small-scale bioreactors with volumes from 1 to 10 L. These bioreactors are often used in research labs. They are available with autoclavable multi-use glass vessels or single-use vessels. Depending on the system configuration, they allow for similar process control as their large scale counterparts and can function as scale-down models for large commercial processes. 

The benchtop bioreactor has a small footprint and fits on a lab bench. It could be equipped with single-use or multi-use vessel. The multi-use Univessel® Glass is available as single-wall or double-wall vessel. A benchtop bioreactor can be used to run batch, fed-batch or perfusion processes.

Stirred-tank bioreactors are well known for excellent scalability, as constant height to diameter ratios and vessel diameter to impeller diameter ratios can be achieved. The central stirring element leads to optimal mixing of nutrients and gasses inside the culture vessel. This allows scalability which results in reduced time and effort for process development. 

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