Mycap® CCX | Cell Culture Expansion System

Mycap® CCX Cell Culture Shake Flask

Never Open a Flask – Never Go Into a Biosafety Cabinet

Mycap® CCX cell culture shake flask combines integral tubing and a specially-designed gas exchange cartridge in the same cap closure. Grow cells in the incubator and passage between flasks without ever opening a flask and never going into a biosafety cabinet.

Mycap® CCX is delivered fully-assembled including the Erlenmeyer flask, gamma-irradiated, and ready-to-use.

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Modernize Your Cell Expansion Process

Work Outside the Laminar Flow Hood

Integral tubing supports good aseptic transfer technique to prevent contamination during each passage of cell expansion. Media fill, cell culture media storage, culture media preparation, inoculation, sampling and transfer from flasks are done outside the biosafety cabinet.

Vigorous Cell Growth

The specially-designed gas exchange cartridge has a high filter surface area with an unrestricted opening to support passive gas exchange and vibrant cell growth in the incubator.

Avoid Contamination and Improve Ergonomics

Eliminating work in a biosafety cabinet means lower operating costs and streamlined operations. No cell culture media contamination risk means you can do away with back-up flasks and redundant passages.

We Help to Make Your Validation Simple

Mycap® CCX Validation Tool

Join the movement and begin validation of Mycap® CCX for your operations.

Define expansion process parameters and critical performance metrics and the Tool creates a complete parts and a process map to make experimental execution simple.

Record the experiment’s data to instantly generate charts visualizing results, perform statistical analysis and compare growth data between Mycap® CCX and the existing process.

Build the Business Case for Mycap® CCX

Go beyond intuition and quantify the impact on your business operations with Mycap® CCX.

The model considers the benefits gained with Mycap® CCX such as improved efficiency, reduced environmental monitoring, avoidance of contamination, and more.

Enter and adjust variables based on your facility and processes and the Mycap® CCX Business Case Model calculates the impact of Mycap® CCX on your operations in simple terms.

Calculate Your Business Case

Mycap® CCX Downloads

Access helpful resources for Mycap® CCX including Validation Guide and an Application Note on comparing gas exchange and cell growth in Mycap® CCX to traditional Erlenmeyer flasks.


Mycap® CCX - Cell Expansion System Brochure

PDF | 1.9 MB
Application Note

Mycap® CCX - Cell Growth Application Note

PDF | 225.1 KB
Validation Guide

Mycap® CCX Cell Expansion System

PDF | 1.4 MB

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