CHO Cell Culture Media And Feeds

Chemically Defined, Animal Component-Free, and Ready-to-Use CHO Media

Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are vital for therapeutic protein production in biopharmaceutical research and development and are consistently in high demand. Sartorius’ portfolio of CHO Cell Culture Media and Feeds includes a variety of high-performance, off-the-shelf culture media and feeds for CHO cell lines. The media and feeds are ideal for protein production using CHO-DG44, CHO-K1, CHO-S and CHO-GS cell lines and are suitable for research and routine large-scale GMP manufacturing.

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CHO Media & Feeds Portfolio: Ready-to-Use for High Performance

The portfolio offers high performance, scalability, and high quality.

  • Optimized for either stable or transient production
  • 100% chemically defined, free of animal components, serum and hydrolysates
  • Liquid and powder formulations available
  • Little or no adaptation from other serum-free media needed
  • Robust performance in batch, fed-batch and perfusion cultivations
  • Customized solutions available

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Free CHO Media Sample Kits

Sample media for recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

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4Cell® SmartCHO - All-in-one solution

4Cell® SmartCHO media and feeds are formulated to provide robust performances in batch/fed-batch processes in various CHO clones (DG44, K1, S, and GS).

  • Improved filterability and solubility
  • High productivity and specificity
  • High performance growth and protein yield
  • Supporting Sartorius 4Cell® CHO Platform cell line development services in CHO-DG44 cell lines

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One High-Performing Medium for Any CHO Clone

  • For long-term, high-performance growth and protein yield of CHO cells
  • Supports cell growth and production of recombinant proteins and antibodies in suspension culture
  • Suitable for various CHO clones (e.g., DG44, K1, S) and other animal cell lines

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Lean and Robust Growth Medium for a Variety of Applications

  • Lean medium formulation designed for batch and fed-batch processes
  • Developed with minimum components to be lean, robust and flexible
  • Free of L-glutamine, growth factors, serum, animal components and hydrolysates
  • Supports cell growth and production of recombinant proteins and antibodies in suspension culture
  • Suitable for various CHO clones
  • Customization available

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Workhorse Formulation Designed for CHO-DHFR- Cell Lines

  • Growth medium suitable for various CHO cell lines
  • Suitable from thawing, adaptation, growth and protein production — no need to use multiple media
  • Available with added recombinant insulin, IGF, or without growth factor

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For Long-Term High-Performance Growth With CHO-GS Cells

TCX10D medium supports cell growth and production of recombinant proteins and antibodies in suspension culture.

  • Suitable for CHO-GS cell lines and other CHO clones
  • Contains no L-glutamine, serum, animal components or hydrolysates
  • Can be used for research or manufacturing
  • Customization is available

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4Cell® SmartCHOpe - A CHO perfusion medium

4Cell® SmartCHOpe media and feeds are designed for perfusion processes and support intensified process formats.

  • Can be used in high-inoculation fed batch
  • Ideal for N-1 Perfusion and continuous perfusion
  • Support clone selection in perfusion mimic protocol

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Ideal Medium for Working With Transient CHO Cells

  • Compatibility with cationic transfection reagents such as polyethylenimine facilitates transfection
  • Does not contain L-glutamine, growth hormones, serum, animal components or hydrolysates
  • Arginine and lysine are optional
  • Minimum purchase amount 5L

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A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Cell Culture Media

In this eBook, our experts reveal valuable insights to help you develop an optimal cell culture media strategy for your bioprocess.

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CHO Feed Supplements

Basic Feed

Basic Feed improves recombinant protein production in suspension culture by increasing cell density compared to batch processes.

  • Chemically defined, serum-free, animal component-free and hydrolysate-free
  • For use as a feeding solution in large-scale recombinant biopharmaceutical protein production fed-batch processes
  • Highly concentrated nutrients increase the productivity of cultured cells

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TCX7D Feed

TCX7D Feed is ideal for fed-batch processes, and, in combination with TCX10D, provides optimal nutrition for CHO-GS cells.

  • Works with other CHO cell lines when L-glutamine is supplemented
  • Supports stable growth of suspension cells at high viability in seed train culture
  • Does not contain L-glutamine, animal-derived components, proteins or growth factors
  • Contains hypoxanthine/thymidine

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4Cell® SmartCHO Feeds

Ideal additives to 4Cell® SmartCHO Production Medium. 4Cell® SmartCHO Feed Medium A (FMA) and Feed Medium B (FMB) boost fed-batch productivity 3- to 5-fold compared to batch culture conditions.   

  • Available in powder and liquid  
  • Suitable for testing with the other Sartorius CHO media

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4Cell® SmartCHOpe Feeds

4Cell® SmartCHOpe Feed Medium A (FMA) and 4Cell® SmartCHO Feed Medium B (FMB) are the ideal additives to 4Cell® SmartCHOpe Production Medium. 

  • Available in powder only  
  • Suitable for perfusion processes

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Additional CHO Media

PowerCHO™ Protein Expression Media

PowerCHO™ 2, PowerCHO™ GS and PowerCHO™ Advance are chemically defined, serum-free media with animal component-free. They are designed to support growth of CHO K1, DXB11 and DG44. For therapeutic bioprocessing applications, these protein-free media formulations facilitate both downstream purification and regulatory compliance.

Free of glutamine, hypoxanthine, thymidine and phenol red.

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ProCHO™ 4 and ProCHO™ 5

ProCHO™ 4 and 5 are serum-free, protein-free and animal component-free media for supporting high-density CHO cells in suspension.

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FAQs - CHO Media

CHO cells are typically cultured in Ham's F12K or DMEM supplemented with 10% FBS. However, in commercially manufacturing, chemically defined and animal-derived component-free media are recommended for culturing Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines for consistency and quality assurance of the end product.

CHO cells became popular to study genetics because they have a low chromosome number. As a result, CHO cells have been used for a long time and we know a lot about their genetics and growth characteristics.

Serum-free media are media designed to grow a specific cell type or perform a specific application in the absence of serum. Serum-free media are an important tool allowing scientists to culture cells with a defined set of conditions while minimizing variables.

Some advantages of using serum-free media include easier purification and downstream processing, precise evaluations of cellular function, increased definition, more consistent performance, and a more consistent supply chain.

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