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How the Sartorius CHO Platform Reduces Biologic Development Risk by Integrating Key Products and Services 

With the continued need for new therapeutics to treat life-threatening and chronic diseases, the biologics market continues to grow. Drug developers must balance speed, risk, and quality in the race to reach IND submission and clinical trials.  
This webinar introduces Sonnet BioTherapeutics and examines why Sartorius was the right choice for a drug development partner. Learn about the Sartorius CHO Platform, an integrated package of products and services that accelerates drug development and reduces risk. 

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Key Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the drug development process, from Cell line development (CLD) to Master Cell Bank (MCB), and how Sartorius can help. 
  2. Learn how the Sartorius CHO Platform accelerates drug development from DNA to MCB. 
  3. Describe the Cellca cell line development process and its benefits. 
  4. Understand more about the Sartorius product and service portfolio for drug developers. 

Meet Our Expert

Susan Dexter 

Chief Technical Officer, Sonnet BioTherapeutics

Susan Dexter came to Sonnet Biotherapeutics with more than twenty-five years in biotechnology science, manufacturing, and business development. Susan's experience includes management of biotechnology contract manufacturing services ranging from process development through commercial manufacturing and strategic consulting-related services. Her prior roles include Managing Director, Latham Biopharm Group; Chief Business Officer at Xcellerex, Inc.; VP of Business Development at The Dow Chemical Company; Assoc. Director of Business Development, Celltech and Lonza. 
Ms. Dexter holds a double major with Honors in Immunology and Marketing from American University, Washington, D.C. 

Monika Panakova

Product Manager CLD, CMTS Sartorius 

Monika has been working for Sartorius since 2020 as Global Product Manager for Cell Line Development 

Jennifer Lawson 

Product Manager Cell Banking and Testing, CMTS Sartorius

Jennifer works as Global Product Manager for the protein therapeutics cGMP cell banking, analytical, and biosafety testing service portfolio 

Jason Martin 

Field Market Manager, CMTS Sartorius 

Jason serves as the Field Market Manager for the Cell Line, Media, and Testing Solutions division

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