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Protein Expression Platform for Fast Development of Coronavirus Vaccines

Process developers of COVID-19 vaccines need to develop, scale up and build sustainable mass production within the fastest timelines ever in a pandemic situation, and yet must ensure the safety, purity, quality and potency of their vaccines.

We support these challenges with an integrated platform approach that achieves fast development, banking and characterization of your cell line,  rapid characterization and lot release testing of your vaccine, expedited delivery of your ready to use media and proven end-to-end single use manufacturing.

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Key Learning Objectives
  1. How to benefit most from tools for protein expression platform for coronavirus vaccines

  2. Accelerate development, production & lot release testing of the COVID-19 vaccine

  3. Learn how Sartorius can help and support your research by its defined solutions for fast cell line development and banking, rapid characterization tools, expedited delivery and single-use manufacturing

Meet Our Expert

Tobias Schenk, PhD

Product Manager Protein Applications

Dr. Tobias Schenk joined Sartorius in 2019 as Product Manager for Protein Applications for Bioprocess Solutions (BPS). In his current position, he supports the Cell Line, Media & Testing Solutions (CMTS) marketing department to match Sartorius media business for protein applications with the manufacturer’s needs and identify best solutions for recombinant protein production processes. He obtained his PhD at the University of Hamburg, Germany in 2009.

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