CLD Technology License

High-performing platform for successful development

Sartorius offers a complete, plug-and-play solution for customers who develop cell lines and express proteins in their own facilities. The CLD Technology License is based on industry-leading Cell Line Development Technology using CHO DG44 host cells. It is ready to use and does not require further development or optimization, which means it delivers proven low risk and high timeline and performance success.


Package includes material and methods for a complete out-of-box solution.


Works with all types of protein products and Cellca’s track record ensures high probability of success.

Dependable Support

Fast troubleshooting and support from Sartorius CHO experts


Plug & Play into your facility with no further optimization or development needed

Driven by Over 14 Years of Cell Line Development Expertise

The CLD Technology License is derived from Sartorius’ Cell Line Development (CLD) service that delivers well-characterized and stable research clones. From DNA to research cell bank (RCB), the CLD service delivers a fully characterized RCB in just 9 weeks with high protein titers of up to 10 g/L.​

  • Well-characterized CHO DG44 host cell line with documented history​
  • Process easily transferred and scaled up to a range of bioreactors up to 2,000 L​
  • Proven track record: more than 240 projects completed using the CLD service​

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