The Flexsafe® Single-Use Mixer Portfolio

Flexibility – Performance – Quality Assurance

The Flexsafe® Single-Use Mixer Portfolio reflects a focus on improving quality and increasing efficiency across mixing operations. Designed for ease of use and engineered for single-person installation and operation, the Flexsafe® family of single-use mixers helps to protect products and people:

  • Drive-unit guidance across the mixing process, as well as front access to sensors and tubing, reduces the risk of operator errors while improving the ergonomic experience.
  • Inline control/monitoring of pH, conductivity and temperature with sensors that meet PAT and cGMP requirements reduce operator time and eliminate the contamination risk associated with reusable probes.
  • The design of the mixer, with its levitating impeller, helps to protect and preserve shear-sensitive products.

Webinar | Single-use compliance & new EMA Annex 1 guidelines

The new Annex 1 has guidance on SU assemblies. Keeping your assemblies compliant will help keep your drug products high quality and effective. 

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Flexsafe® Pro Mixer for Flexibility of Function

The Flexsafe® Pro Mixer is a unique, single-use mixer that meets the current and future demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

By combining speed and efficiency to deliver high-performance mixing during powder dissolution with a levitating impeller to preserve the drug during low shear blending applications, the Flexsafe® Pro Mixer can accommodate a wide range of mixing operations in both upstream and downstream processes. Its ergonomic, intuitive design increases user agility and enables rapid installation and operational excellence. The Flexsafe® Pro Mixer provides the high level of control that is essential for cGMP biomanufacturing.

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Flexsafe® Magnetic Mixer for Powerful Performance  

The Flexsafe® Magnetic Mixer offers powerful mixing performance for media and buffer formulations.

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Flexsafe® LevMixer for Shear-Sensitive Substances

Flexsafe® LevMixer for downstream intermediates, drug substances and drug product offers low-shear mixing performance for homogenization, viral inactivation and formulation of sensitive drug substances and drug products.

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Single-Use Mixers, an Unexpected Competitive Advantage

As the industry continues to evolve toward large-molecule processing, the number of new, more sensitive proteins is growing. In the drive to ensure product quality and process efficiency while protecting these proteins, using the right single-use mixers can offer a competitive advantage.

When asked, customers expressed clear priorities in their needs:

  • A single-use mixer that can provide faster and more efficient mixing of media powders and concentrated buffers.
  • A better way to ensure quality of shear-sensitive proteins, mitigate generation of aggregates and avoid compromised filters.
  • Inline PAT to control the mixing process for cGMP applications.
  • An alternative to the complex mixing bags that are prone to failure and increase risk of mishandling.
  • The ability to shift more easily to commercial production.
  • An easier way to manage validation studies and consistency across all of the drug manufacturing steps.

We considered our customers’ needs and drew upon our more than 20 years’ experience in single-use fluid management to develop a portfolio of single-use mixers and pre-designed solutions, streamlining configuration, quick setup and more efficient changeovers.

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Consult Our Experts

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*LevMixer® is a trademark of Pall Corporation and this product uses Pall patented LevMixer® technology.
Magnetic Mixer uses Pall patented technology. All information on patents can be found at

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