Pipette Calibration Solutions

As pipettes are ubiquitous in many laboratory environments, taking care of these tools are a fundamental basis for the quality and precision of respective applications. In addition to cleaning and performing routine maintenance, pipette accuracy and precision should be checked at regular intervals. Smart solutions for pipette calibration can help laboratories achieve:

  • Compliance according to ISO 8655:2022
  • Fewer Errors
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Lower Calibration Costs

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Single-Channel Pipette Calibration

Cubis® MPS and Cubis® II accessories help to calibrate single-channel pipettes compliantly

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Multichannel Pipette Calibration

Speedcal Mobile enables for fast and reliable calibration of multichannel pipettes

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Ingenix Suite Advanced Pipette Calibration Module for ISO 8655 compliant calibration

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Sartorius Pipettes and Pipette Tips for ergonomic and reliable workflows

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Pipette Calibration Services

Don’t want to calibrate yourself? Sartorius has accredited calibration laboratories around the world and offers.

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ISO 8655 Compliance

Sartorius has decoded the revision of ISO 8655:2022 standard and shares its expertise.

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Cubis® MPS

Cubis® MPS are instruments designed for pipette calibration. These highly specialized devices ensure compliance, fast stabilization time and support ergonomic handling during the calibration process.

Automatic Operation 
Cubis® MPS comes with an automatic draft shield supporting touch-free and ergonomic workflows. The sensor recognizes the user approaching the moisture trap from a wide-angle range and ensures proper closing after the dispense. It closes again only if the user removes the pipette.

A Complete Calibration Lab in One
Cubis® MPS is a standalone solution for climate data management and water temperature control. It can be equipped with a climate tower and temperature-controlled liquid reservoir. Workflows are integrated to guide users through the pipette calibration routine (acc. to ISO 8655:2022), calculate weight values into volumes (incorporating environmental data as temperature and barometric pressure) and evaluate according to ISO 8655:2022 tolerances. 

Two models of Cubis MPS are offered:

  • MPS6.6S for higher resolution and calibration of pipettes down to 0.5 µL
  • MPS105S for higher maximum capacity and calibration of pipettes from 20 µL to 5 mL

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Cubis® II Balances for Pipette Calibration Tasks

Your Sartorius Cubis® II Balance can easily be adapted for checking and calibrating your pipette by equipping it with an evaporation trap. Together with the Pipette Calibration QApp (QAPP005), the user is guided through the complete process for checking pipettes according to ISO 8655:2022 tolerances.

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Speedcal Mobile

Speedcal Mobile is a patented, unique multichannel pipette calibration system which allows for parallel measurement of up to 12 volumes. Speedcal Mobile can be also used to calibrate single channel pipettes. With its integrated semimicro balances (readability of 0.01 mg), it is possible to calibrate pipettes from 0.5 µl according to ISO 8655:2022.

Speedcal Mobile benefits:

  • Fast calibration thanks to parallel measurement of up to 12 channels
  • Parallel measurement ensuring ISO 8655:2022 compliance
  • Available in 4, 8 or 12-channel versions (later upgrade possible).
  • High degree of mobility for on-site calibrations due to compact, wheeled transport trolley

Mobility is Key
Speedcal Mobile comes with an ergonomic transport trolley solution, so that it is possible to use it outside normal calibration labs.

Complete Solution of Traceable Calibrations

Speedcal Mobile includes a temperature-controlled water reservoir which informs the user if the temperature of the test liquid is outside the defined temperature range.

Additionally, a climate tower is available to monitor all relevant ambient parameters like temperature, barometric pressure and air humidity.

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Ingenix Suite Advanced Pipette Calibration Module

The Advanced Pipette Calibration Module is an integral part of the Ingenix Suite software family when it comes to simplifying workflow for your pipette calibration.

The convenient interface offers a guided workflow for your pipette calibration tasks. It allows easy scheduling of calibration intervals and management of the respective pipette fleet.

As every other module, it can be installed and run as a stand-alone software solution for your pipette calibration tasks, or in combination within the Ingenix Suite family of modules. 

It is completely compliant with ISO 8655:2022, ISO 17025 and 21 CFR Pt. 11. Network capabilities with automatic transfer to a SQL database provide central data management and the highest level of security standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The common standard for calibration is ISO 8655 which was updated in 2022.

The ISO states that a metrological confirmation of all POVA shall be performed regularly to ensure that the apparatus meets the requirements for its intended use.

The recommended frequency is based on the risks associated with using the POVA. The maintenance interval is affected by such factors as pipetting frequency, liquids dispensed and the age/model of the pipette. A minimum maintenance interval of one year is suggested, with calibration done annually or more often, such as every 3 – 6 months. In some circumstances, such as when dispensing volatile liquids or solvents, more frequent maintenance is advised.

The following factors should be considered:

•    Risk of application
•    Frequency of use
•    Number of users
•    Type of liquid to be delivered and its vapors
•    Acceptable maximum permissible errors
•    Manufacturer information
•    Liquid handling process requirement


Resource Guide

Pipette Calibration Resource Guide

This resource guide offers a comprehensive toolkit for managing pipette calibration data, tracking, and scheduling, whether it's performed on- or off-...

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MPS6.6s Datasheets

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MPS105S Datasheet

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Speedcal Mobile Datasheet

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Ingenix Suite Advanced Pipette Calibration Module Guide

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