Quintix® Pro Laboratory Balances 

Quintix® Pro laboratory balances are not just about meeting your expectations but exceeding them. They come with an array of premium features that enhance usability, flexibility, and incorporate an eco-friendly design.

This lab balance is a perfect fit for labs seeking a versatile balance that can handle a wide range of tasks. It's an ideal choice for those prioritizing sustainability and reliability in their operations. Moreover, it's a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious labs, such as startups or those operating with limited funds. It serves as a great alternative to the lab balance Cubis® II.

Even if your lab only has basic weighing needs, Quintix® Pro offers advanced features typically found in premium balances, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

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Designed to Be a True Universal Balance

Quintix® Pro Laboratory Balances deliver the performance you need, with added premium features that raise the bar in usability, flexibility and sustainability.

Why Choose the Quintix® Pro Lab Balance?

Application image in lab: isoCAL screen on Quintix Pro Lab Balance touchscreen, gloved hand - close
Application image in lab: Quintix Pro Lab Balance automatic leveling feature screen - close


Enhanced user experience with new premium features including:  

  • Easy access to menu option with a large, 7-inch, high resolution full-touch graphic display with modern upgraded user interface
  • Ensure the highest weighing accuracy with the internal motorized levelling (optional) and automatic internal adjustment isoCAL
  • Quick access to the integrated digital manual for common help topic
  • Fast adaptation of balance performance to the unique needs of each application through the improved semi-automatic filter adaption (AFA)
  • Seamless connectivity features include interface options, easy data transfer, and GLP | GMP compliant printout 
Application image in lab: User Management screen on Quintix Pro Lab Balance touchscreen, gloved hand - close
Application image in lab: maie scientist using the Quintix Pro Lab Balance under a laminar flow hood


Flexibility for use in a wide range of environments and applications:    

  • Customization with different tiers of user management access with passcode protection
  • Tested for use in cleanrooms grade A and B, and special environments e.g., vacuum, argon, and nitrogen.
  • Smart design and chemically-resistant surfaces made of PBT, glass and stainless steel support routine cleaning protocols 
  • 15 integrated application programs for common weighing tasks
  • Extended language package with 15 language options
Application image in lab: scientist assembling the Quintix Pro Lab Balance - top view, close
Application image in lab: Autostart feature on Quintix Pro Lab Balance touchscreen with gloved hand


Reduced environmental impact from the manufacturing plant to the bench:    

  • Climate-conscience production process utilizes recycled materials e.g., aluminum, in addition to environment-friendly packaging
  • Power-saving operation with stand-by or switch-off modes
  • Automatic dim function, reduces display brightness when balance is not in use to save power
  • User-defined, automatic start timer powers up the instrument in time for daily use
  • Digital user manual minimizes paper consumption, while allowing quick access to information

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Product Resources

Quintix® Pro brochure cover

Quintix® Pro Brochure

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Quintix® Pro Product Datasheet

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Video Demonstrations

Explore the Weighing Interface

This application video walks you step by step through the weighing interface on the Quintix® Pro Balance.

Discover Density Determination

This video takes you step by step through the process of density determination with the Quintix® Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to 1,000 users can be created and assigned to predefined user profiles: These are administrator, operator or supervisor.

All models that have a “R” in the product code are equiped with built-in real-time “LevelSupport” feature. These balances continuously monitors for proper leveling and will show alarm messaging when it isn’t leveled. Whereas all models that have a “M” in the product code are featured with automatic motorized level feet. Levelling the balance at one touch.

No special software is needed. Quintix® Pro comes with the real “PC-direct” feature. Just connect the balance to the computer by using e.g., the data cable YCC-USB-C-A.

You can adapt the balance to your environmental conditions by just one click on the home screen. Different settings from very stable to very unstable conditions can be selected and you can easily switch between weighing and dosing applications.

Of course. These are included in the scope of supply.

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