Application Highlight: Pipette Check – Easy Calibration, Reliable Compliance

According to the International Organization for Standardizations’ Standard 8655-2 (DIN EN ISO 8655-2), volumetric measuring instruments like piston pipettes must be checked at a minimum of once per year. Shorter time intervals may be required, depending upon frequency of use, number of users, aggressive nature of pipetted liquids and acceptable maximum permissible errors established. To stay within compliance, these regular checks are mandatory. 

Cubis® II MCA Balances with evaporation-limiting moisture trap and paired with the QApp pipette check offer a convenient solution to checking piston pipettes according to ISO 8655-2 regulations. Download this convenient application highlight to learn about how Sartorius can help to keep your pipettes safe and compliant. 

Commonly Asked Questions:  

  • What is a common way to test your pipette? 
    • The most common accuracy test performed on pipettes is weighing water.
  • Why is pipette calibration important?
    • Proper maintenance and calibration of a pipette is the only way to ensure result accuracy and equipment longevity. Using non-calibrated equipment means results are unreliable and cannot be replicated, which is not conducive to a laboratory research environment.  

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