Services for Lab Balances and Weighing Instruments

Our certified and accredited lab instrument services ensure the quality of weighing results, guarantee equipment longevity and reduce downtimes. We ensure balances and weighing instruments operate within their tolerance limits and obtain constantly compliant, reproducible and reliable data. 

Reliable and Reproducible Weighing Results Over the Product Life Cycle

Weighing is a critical process in many laboratories. To ensure the reliability of weighing results life cycle services are essential.

  • Audit security
  • Reliable data
  • Timesaving
  • Full Life cycle support

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Instrument Services - Ensuring Compliance, Reproducibility and Reliability of Your Results

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Our Range of Service Solutions

Installation for Lab Weighing Instruments

Reliable Results from the Start

The reliability and service life of your laboratory balances depends crucially on correct installation and configuration. Sartorius service installs and configures your devices properly, taking into account individual regulatory requirements and quality standards. Your laboratory balance is immediately ready for operation and offers reliable and reproducible results from the start.

  • Outstanding weighing performance steadfast results from the start
  • Seamless integration of balances into your laboratory environment
  • Expertly trained operating personnel

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Equipment Qualification (IQ|OQ) for Lab Weighing Instruments

Compliance with GLP | GMP Requirements

Highly regulated laboratories require top-notch audit security. Sartorius equipment qualification provides documented proof that your laboratory balance is suitable for its intended use. Our IQ | OQ qualification follows the “risk-based approach”, as recommended for equipment inspections in regulated industries. The comprehensive and customer-specific documentation can easily be integrated into existing quality management systems.

  • Audit security
  • Full compliance with regulatory requirements (GMP | GLP)
  • Expertise straight from the equipment manufacturer and specially trained service engineers
  • Peace of mind, comprehensive documentation, and certificates to easily integrate into your quality management systems

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Maintenance and Contracts for Lab Weighing Instruments

Long-Term Process Safety

Precision devices require regular professional maintenance to deliver consistently accurate and reliable results and fulfill all regulatory requirements. We recommend a maintenance contract so you can fully rely on your laboratory balance and ensure maximum productivity.

  • Extended instrument lifetime
  • Trouble-free operation, reduction of downtime 
  • Consistently reliable results
  • Budget control

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Calibration for Lab Weighing Instruments

Documented Confidence, comparability and Certainty of Measurement Results 

Demands on accuracy and reliability of laboratory data are constantly increasing. Laboratory balances must be tested and calibrated regularly to achieve precise results, meet regulatory requirements and work within specified tolerances. Our Sartorius Service provides the needed certificates for your application.

  • Regulatory compliance and audit security
  • Accredited calibration in accordance with ISO |IEC 17025 in many countries
  • Traceability of measurement results to national standards
  • Minimum weight and performance certificates according to USP <41> and USP <1251>
  • Minimum weight and performance certificates according to European Pharmacopoeia

Available Assets

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Balance Repair and Spare Parts for Lab Weighing Instruments

Professional support for break downs or instrument failures

In the unlikely event that one of your instruments does not perform the way it should, we’ll be right there to fix it, either in one of our service centers or on the installation site regardless of whether it is still covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. 

Our worldwide team of service specialists is extensively trained and is well-versed in the latest trends and technologies. We manage the logistics to provide the original spare parts you need. We continuously work to improve your experiences and attend to your requests – as fast as possible, anywhere in the world.

  • Original spare parts used to ensure the best quality
  • Manufacturer’s expertise and thorough knowledge of your system
  • Fast reaction time
  • Minimum downtime of equipment


Metrological White Paper Bundle

With its series of white papers that will gradually be compiled into a Best Practice Guide: Lab Weighing, Sartorius provides practical answers to the most important questions and issues revolving around the subject of weighing in the laboratory

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Operating Procedures on Routine Testing of Laboratory Balances

Reliable and reproducible results are based on regular lab balance maintenance and calibration. Next to professional services, routine testing is essential. With a series of Generic Operating Procedures, Sartorius provides useful material on the most relevant and important routine tests.

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Service Connect - The App for Customer Instrument Service Needs

Service Connect helps customers individually manage their instruments, send service requests, get quotes for service products, and contact their local service team - all at their own convenience. The app is free of charge and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If not following regulations for maintenance or calibration frequency, we suggest defining maintenance frequency based on the risk of the particular application. This means the higher the risk the more often the balance should be calibrated and maintained. A general recommendation is to perform a calibration and maintenance at least once per year. 

Calibration is the comparison of a measured value with a known, i.e., correct, value. For example, during calibration of laboratory balances, the indications shown on the display are compared with known test weights. The documented values, as well as the values calculated (e.g., deviation, uncertainty of measurement), represent the calibration result.

A laboratory accredited for compliance with ISO 17025 has demonstrated the quality of its calibration data to an independent accreditation body, such as UKAS in the U.K., ANAB in the USA or DAkkS in Germany. Calibration certificates issued by accredited laboratories offer the highest possible degree of reliability and are recognized worldwide.

A measuring instrument is considered to deliver traceable results if they are referenced to a national or an international standard through an unbroken chain of comparisons, all having stated uncertainties. Therefore, verification of traceability ensures international comparability and, thus, the reliability of measurement results.

Important information: In many countries, only accredited calibration certificates or certificates issued by national metrology institutes are accepted as evidence of metrological traceability. No other calibration certificates (e.g., ISO calibration certificates or verification certificates) are valid as forms of evidence. For further information, visit International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation.

The uncertainty of measurement provides reliable information about the quality of a measurement result. It indicates the range of values in which the true measured value lies. The lower the uncertainty of measurement, the narrower the range within which the true value lies. Accredited calibration certificates issued by Sartorius state the uncertainty of measurement in an easy-to understand way and provide confidence in interpreting your measured values.

The service interval is defined in your contract. Before your next maintenance date, we will first contact you in writing and then call you to schedule an appointment.

Please contact Sartorius service. Use our contact form and provide us with as many details as possible so that we can help you quickly. The serial number, device category and device type are of particular importance. Once we receive your message, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

First, please check whether you can order the spare part in our e-shop (login required). If not, please use our contact form. Select the area "I need a replacement part" and provide the necessary information. We will then get in touch with you.

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