Integration of Sartorius Cubis® II Premium Balances into STARLIMS™ from Abbott Informatics

Direct instrument integration into a laboratory information management system (LIMS) reduces the need for manual recording. This can negate error potential, save time and reduce data redundancy.  

Abbott Informatics and Sartorius have developed a solution that makes it easy to integrate Sartorius Cubis® II into STARLIMS™, offering customized comprehensive laboratory workflows with a plug-and-play connection via recognized IT standards and sufficient protection against data integrity problems. 

Download this application note and learn about how the Cubis® II/STARLIMS™ partnership can minimize data integrity issues in your lab and increase the degree of automation. 

Commonly Asked Questions:  

  • What are LIMS used for?
    • Using a laboratory information management system allows you to house and manage samples, research and associated data. A LIMS makes it easier to integrate equipment and automate workflows, meaning data is reliable and easier to reproduce.  
  • What is STARLIMS™?
    • STARLIMS™ is a subsidiary of Francisco Partners - developers of web-based LIMS. Abbott Informatics.  

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