HPLC Sample Prep | Preparation of Standards

HPLC Sample Prep | Preparation of Standards

Automatic preparation and documentation of 100% comparable HPLC standards

For quantitative HPLC, it is essential for you to prepare standard series with defined concentrations. As it is nearly impossible to weigh in a solid so accurately that a predefined volume of solvents can be used, you usually have to do considerable “manual labor” in writing down the values and number crunching.

This is not only complicated, but also error-prone and time-consuming, plus it uses up materials budgeted in your overhead.

Cubis® MSA individual system with Q-App software for HPLC standards

Customized Q-App software connects your Cubis® balance directly to your dispenser and will then accurately calculate the required solvent volume based on the quantity of solid weighed. With a weighing accuracy of up to five decimal places and a dispenser motor providing 48,000-step resolution, you can be sure that your solvent will be dispensed automatically with the highest precision.

The Q-App software will guide you step by step throughout your workflow and digitally document the entire process in a traceable, easy-to-understand record. Important parameters, such as purity, density and temperature of your solvent, will be automatically taken into account.

Forget delays caused by the need to take corrective steps. Now you won’t have to be prepared for the unexpected – thanks to automated and fast preparation of 100% consistent standard series, including reliable documentation.

Brochure: Cubis® MSA Dosing System

PDF | 3.4 MB

How do you configure your dosing system?

You can configure the dosing system according to your individual demands. You have the choice amongst MSA balances with different weighing capacity, legal verification, readability, leveling and draft shield, different dispensing options, density meter, printer, and flask or vial holders. Use the following table to learn more about the individual components and follow the links to select the right products for you.

The Cubis® MSA balance is the core instrument of the dosing solution. The following Cubis® MSA models are compatible with the dosing application: 116P, 66P, 66S, 36P, and 36S. To configure your Cubis® MSA balance please use the following website.

Cubis MSA models recommend for the dosing solution:

Model Weighing capacity (g) Readability (mg) Weight flask (g)* Recommended volume flask (ml)


























*Dimensions and weights of long neck flasks may vary depending upon manufacturer

The software application YAPP16 controls the dosing system. The software features a database for solvents, components and samples and guides the user through the complete process of preparation of single or mixed standards with defined concentration.  Learn more

For installation of YAPP16 an SD-Card is needed.

The solvent can be added by using a pipette or an electronic dispenser. Currently three different options are available:

1. Electronic Picus Pipettes
Please select a suitable electronic pipette for your dosing system.

2. Hamilton Microlab dispenser
The Hamilton Microlab ML600 dispenser is a syringe based dispenser with an electonic step motor. The high accuracy makes the Hamilton dispenser the perfect automatic dispensing system. The Hamilton ML600 dispenser is available as complete package incl. 25ml syringe, tubes, adapters, bottles and hand probe.

3. Hirschmann opus titrator
The Hirschmann opus titration is an automatic dispensing unit with a reagent recirculation system for motor-powered titration directly from the reagent bottle. Available in three volumes (10 ml, 20 ml and 50 ml).

The Anton Paar density DMA 35 meter is a small handheld device for measuring the temperature-depended density of solvents. In YAPP16 the density is considered to calculate the necessary solvent volume. 

The laboratory thermal transfer printer YDP30 is used to print reports and labels. YDP30 is a space-saving, user-friendly label printer that allows you to document the results of your work quickly, clearly and effortlessly.

A serial cable for connection to Cubis MSA balance is included. Please select the desired paper type (self-adhesive continuous paper 69Y03286 or standard continuous paper 69Y03285) to complement the printer.

Depending upon the flasks or vials you use for the preparation of standards Sartorius offers special Cubis flask holders as optional additional accessory*.

Adjustable flask holder for different sized flasks

*Please note: For Cubis high-capacity micro balances 66S, 66S, 36P, 36S and 116P sample holder YSH02 is part of the delivery contents.

Arium Mini ultrapure water system

Step 1. Preparation of Solvents

Arium® Mini Plus UV and Arium® Pro ultrapure lab water systems

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Step 2. Preparation of Standards

Cubis® balance with Q-App software

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Step 3. Pipetting

Tacta® and Picus® pipettes with Low Retention tips

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Step 4. Filtration

Claristep® filtration system and Minisart® filtration units

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