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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Weigh Cells

Integrated Weighing Cells for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Sartorius manufactures a wide range of weighing cells that can be integrated into any machinery or instrumentation where the ability to capture accurate and reproduceable weighing data is an important function.

Featuring the latest electromagnetic force compensation technology, and with weight capacities up to 8.2kg and readability from 0.01g down to 1ug, Sartorius weighing cells are exceptionally fast, robust and reliable and come in different configurations to allow easy installation into almost any application. 

Customized solutions may also be available where the application cannot be met by our existing products. Please contact our technical team for further details.

Integrated Weighing Cells Product Range

Precision Weighing Cells

The Precision weighing cells cover a range of up to 8.2kg with a resolution of 0.01-0.001g. The weighing system is entirely machine-made from an aluminum block. This means that mechanical and temperature influences created by the inclusion of other materials are excluded, ensuring optimal performance.

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Analytical Weighing Cells

The Analytical weighing cells cover a range of up to 600g with a resolution of 0.1mg. The fully automatic production of the weighing system from an aluminum block prevents assembly errors. The weighing system is also available with an internal adjustment function on request. This ensures the unit can be easily and quickly recalibrated for the environment in which it is being used.

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Semi Micro | Micro Weighing Cells 

The Semi Micro and Micro cells cover a weighing range of up to 240g with a resolution of 0.01-0.001mg. These high-resolution load cells use the same innovative weighing and electronics technology found in our premium laboratory balances. In addition, other weighing systems have been developed for OEM use only. These systems are characterized by increased IP protection and slim design.

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Explosion Proof Weighing Cells

The Explosion Proof  weighing cells is manufactured specifically for situations where potentially hazardous explosive products are present, these units are designed to meet all relevant safety standards associated with ATEX, IECEx, etc. They are also certified by FM Approvals for use in Class I, II, III, Division 1 and Class I, Zone 1. They come with specially protected electronics and weighing modules and include all the necessary cabling and power supply for a safe installation. For details refer to the relevant user manuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Sartorius weigh cell is a force sensor based on the mechanical measuring system of a Sartorius precision | analytics or microbalance.

1. The weigh cell works according to the principle of electromagnetic force compensation. The necessary counterforce for the applied load is generated with the help of a coil, which acts as an electromagnet in a magnetic field of a permanent magnet.

2. In weigh cells with electromagnetic force compensation, the counterforce to the applied load is generated with the help of a coil that acts as an electromagnet in a magnetic field of a permanent magnet.

Sartorius weigh cells can be used wherever the mass of a product meets a quality requirement. Starting with a laboratory application up to an automated production line.

The Sartorius weigh cells have an RS232 interface via which both data and commands can be exchanged. Additional interface formats can be generated via an external converter.

The Sartorius weigh cells can be adjusted and adapted to the ambient conditions using the free configuration software.

A display is not necessary for ongoing operation because the communication takes place via the interface. During commissioning, the display can simplify the run-in phase with its key commands.



Datasheet: High Resolution Load Cells, IP68


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Datasheet: High Resolution OEM Weigh Cells

WZA245-NC | WZA26-HC

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Datasheet: ProfiLine OEM Weigh Cells

WZA224-N | WZA523-N | WXA1203-N

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