OEM Weigh Cells & High Resolution Load Cells

For both lab and process applications, Sartorius will engineer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) weigh cells and load cells as solutions for integration of a force or weighing sensor into your plant equipment or machine. Sartorius offers weigh cells featuring electromagnetic force compensation, strain-gauge type load cells and electronic modules that can be installed in or connected to other equipment requiring a weighing function in order to be operable. 

Basic OEM-Weigh Cells

Basic OEM weigh cells feature an EMK or DMS system provides the essential weighing technology components for your system integration.

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Explosion Protected IP44 OEM-Weigh Cells with CE

Explosion-protected weigh cells for use in hazardous areas suited for Zone 1 and 2 with gases of group IIC and temperature class T4.

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High Precision OEM-Weigh Cells

High precision weigh cells with a resolution and a repeatability of up to 0.001 mg respectively ± 0.002 mg featuring an automatic weighing system.

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Profi Line IP44 OEM-Weigh Cells with CE

Profi Line IP44 weigh cells with resolutions and capacities of up to 0.1 mg, respectively 8,200 g, featuring an automatic weighing system.

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