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Moisture Analyzers for Moisture Content Analysis

Moisture determination for plastics, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and more.

Foods, chemical/pharmaceutical products, building materials or animal feed – the moisture content has a decisive impact on price, processability and quality, ranging from raw materials to final products. Determining this moisture content is one of the most common analysis in product development, the manufacturing process and quality control.

As a leading provider of moisture analysis equipment, Sartorius is thoroughly familiar with the needs of its customers and thus offers a wide range of equipment fitting perfectly to various applications.

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Sartorius MA Infrared Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers for daily routine laboratory applications in R&D, as well as quality and process control. A fast alternative to the classical oven drying method.

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Microwave Moisture Analyzer LMA200

Microwave based Moisture Analyzer for super-fast moisture analysis in liquid and pasty samples with a moisture content ranging from approx. 8 to 100 %.

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Moisture Analysis in Different Industries

Discover the many possible uses of Moisture analyzers in various branches.

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Moisture Analysis in Food

Key to stable processes and high-quality end products.

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Moisture Content in Plastic

Key to stable injection molding processes and high-quality end products

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Individual Method Development

The Convenient and Reliable Way to Obtain Correct Results.

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Moisture Analyzers Resources

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MA 160 Moisture Analyzer Brochure

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MA37 Moisture Analyzer Brochure

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Installation Moisture Analyzers datasheet

Installation - Moisture Analyzers Service Datasheet

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Services for Laboratory Balances

With our certified and accredited services, we support and service your laboratory weighing equipment through its entire life-cycle. 

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